Splice Misrepresents, Sony Attacks, VanHoven Out, Fashion Fails


- The ad campaign for the Sarah Polley Adrien Brody movie, Splice misled viewers into thinking it would be a horror click when, in reality, it was something else.

- Sony opens marketing spigot to combat iPhone.

- On June 23 during Cannes, Massive Music will celebrate its tenth anniversary with a party on the beach.

- Matt VanHoven is leaving AgencySpy where he was Editor for a position as communications director for New York agency Skinny.

- In fashion advertising, when out of ideas, shoot ass.

- W+K Portland's Jimm Lasser, Greg Rutter and Joe Staples give us a behind the scenes look at the making of the Dodge Challenger "Freedom" spot.

by Steve Hall    Jun-16-10    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Poster, Weblogs

Lays Commercial Smashes Blond Bimbo Stereotypes


It's a stereotype to assume hot girls with amazing bodies are clueless when it comes to sports, right? The guys in this Uruguayan Lays commercial from Punto Ogilvy and Oriental Films are proved wrong when the curvaceous beauty on their couch explains why she's right and the guys are wrong about a play they all just saw on the TV.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-16-10    
Topic: Commercials

Starbucks Angry Over Competitor's Claim It Makes Better Cappuccino


While it's no surprise Starbucks is not the best coffee out there, the marketer doesn't take kindly when another coffee brand claims that in an ad. UK-based Costa Coffee recently launched a campaign that, based on taste tests, claimed 7 out of 10 coffee lovers preferred Costa cappacinno to Starbucks.

Starbucks complained to Britain's Advertising Standards Authority claiming the taste tests only applied to cappuccino's, not the entire product line. The Authority dismissed Starbucks' claim. It's no surprise since, well, that's all the ad claims - that 7 out of 10 coffee lovers preferred Costa cappacinno to Starbucks.

Sorry, Starbucks.

by Steve Hall    Jun-16-10    
Topic: Brands, Policy

Women Arrested For Wearing Orange Miniskirts at World Cup


Being in South Africa to watch the World Cup must be an amazing experience. Sitting next to a fat, sweaty, drunk football fan might put a damper on the experience. Which is why the Johannesburg police should have left alone the 30 or so women who wore orange miniskirts during Monday's Netherlands-Denmark match in an apparent stunt marketing effort for Netherlands-based Bavaria Beer.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-16-10    
Topic: Guerilla, Opinion

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'Social Media Gurus' Followed by Authority. Celebrities Not So Much


Not that we didn't already know this but sometime a study is required to slap some people upside the head so they realize that what everyone is telling them is actually true. So what's the big finding?

While celebrities have a large number of Twitter followers, most of them are low authority users. On the other hand, "social media heavyweights" like @chrisbrogan, @jowyang and @jasonfalls seem to attract fewer but very engaged Twitter users with high authority rankings.

Um, well, duh. Those who follow celebrities are just "regular" people. Those who follow "social media heavyweights" are in the business themselves and because of that and their interest and participation in the actual business of social media, they have a fair amount of clout themselves.

The study, conducted by sysomos, also takes a look at the authority of those who follow news and media sources. Take a look at the full study here.

Some of you out there (ahem, @1938media) might enjoy the fact @mashable followers are more authoritative than @techcruch followers.

by Steve Hall    Jun-16-10    
Topic: Research, Social

Yawn. The King Found on McDonald's Bun. Goes Viral. Yawn.


We thought the industry had grown up. We thought it had left this planted viral idiocy behind. We thought advertisers finally realized people can see through this crap the first second it appears. Sadly, there are still those in the business that believe the public is gullible enough to accept whatever is shoveled down their throat. That, or it's all post-viral ironic brilliance.

So here we have a video of a bunch of guys at McDonald's at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. On the bun of a Big Mac they see the face of Jesus...uh...Burger King's The King. Yea, he's right there embedded din the bun.

Commenting on the potential inaccuracy of this planted viral, one commenter wrote, "What the fuck? That's not the bun from that Big Mac. Try to place the right´╗┐ kind bun next time dumb ass!!!"

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by Steve Hall    Jun-16-10    
Topic: Viral

American Advertising Tactics Tame Compared to Hamas


In America, we threaten drug dealers, sexual deviants and online predators with...a few years in a cozy jail cell. The Hamas, on the other hand, do it a bit differently as illustrated in this campaign against Israeli collaborators.

by Steve Hall    Jun-16-10    
Topic: Commercials

Marisa Miller Does Tom Cruise For Guitar Hero


In 2008, a hot model rockin' out in lingerie and her underwear Risky Business-style was deemed too risque for TV. Would that hold true today in 2010? Watch this Guitar Hero ad with supermodel Marisa Miller and let us know.

Apparently, it aired in Britain to no fanfare. Is America still too puritanical? Or are we right to keep smoking hot models far, far away from the eyes of horny 14 year old boys?


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by Steve Hall    Jun-16-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Racy

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