Hello Ladies. I'm on a Bike. Except I Forgot to Say So


Sequels. Most of the time they're never as good as the original. Yes, there are exceptions but those exceptions are the exception to the rule. We're not clear whether or not this new Old Spice commercial with Isaiah Mustafa is an exception but we do wish he ended the commercial with a sly, "I'm on a bike." Without that catchphrase, it's kind of like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie in which he doesn't intone, "I'll be back."

Yes, Old Spice is back with Isaiah Mustapha but something's missing. As is usually the case with sequels. Yes, it's a one shot (?) wonder. Yes, it's snarky. But it's just missing that "two tickets to that thing you like" joie de vivre. We can't quite put or finger on it. We still like it. But, alas, it's a sequel.

by Steve Hall    Jun-30-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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