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Ogilvy Mexico Gets Grand Prix Yanked For Double Entry


Sadly confirming there are many in this industry who continue to lie, cheat, steal and bend the rules for their own gain, The Cannes Press Grand Prix winner, Ogilvy Mexico for Mattel Scrabble, was disqualified by the jury because it was discovered the campaign had been entered previously. Malicious maneuver or innocent mistake is unclear at this point. Gold winner Almap BBDO for Billboard Magazine has been elevated from Gold to Grand Prix.

Is it any wonder the public still ranks us right up there with car salesmen when it comes to honesty and integrity?

UPDATE: And unsurprisingly, two other double dippers have been discovered; one from the very winner of this Grand Prix, Almap BBDO.

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10    
Topic: Industry Events, Worst

Rayban Reservoir, Mahir Kiss, Axe Twist


- Ray Ban does Reservoir Walking.

- And in unrelated news, Mahir Çağrı (I Kiss You!!!) is still traveling the globe, searching for the perfect woman and suing Sacha Baron Cohen for, allegedly, usurping his likeness.

- AXE, in partnership with Funny or Die, is out with a new mobile campaign called Twisted Humor Hour.

- Creative design and production studio Brand New School has announced the impending opening of their new London-based studio, as well as the addition of veteran agency producer Kayt Hall as the U.K. studio's executive producer.

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10    
Topic: Video

Hospital Promise It Won't Put You on a Production Line


Do you ever feel like your just a widget on a production line when you're in the hospital? Fauquier Health wants you to know you'll never feel that way if you come to them when you're ill. Even though some hospitals can be of lesser quality than others, the approach is a bit drastic. But the ad, from last fall, is funny and it does drive home the point. Now all Fauquier Health has to do is live up to the promise.

And yes, we're well aware the hospital name sounds like fuck your health but it's a real organization. That said, we still feel like there's a remote possibility we're going to be taken for a ride on this one despite telephone confirmation the place is real.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10    
Topic: Commercials

Forget Mayorships and Badges, Earn Money With Your Check Ins


IZEA has launched WeReward, a Foursquare-like check in application that awards redeemable points for completing tasks and checking in. It's like Foursquare but instead of a game, it's a revenue source. And that's a good thing. Because after a while collecting badges becomes tiresome. On the other hand, collecting money never does.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10    
Topic: Good, Social, Tools

Cleveland's Marcus Thomas Adds 7.5 Inches to Account Girth


Does anyone really want to read about account wins and losses. Oh wait, that's the entire reason for AgencySpy's existence and if readership claims are to be believed, plenty of you do. We're not into that sort of thing so much here at Adrants...except when it has to do with condoms. Condoms specifically designed for those over 7.5 inches in length. Well, at least that's how long the brand's condom is.

Okamoto USA has named Cleveland-based agency Marcus Thomas to handle its Beyond Bodi Heat wrap and Beyond Seven condom product lines. First trade advertising, tagged "Thin condoms, thick margins," breaks (um...pun?) this summer. First consumer advertising will break in the fall.

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10    
Topic: Agencies

Why Consumer Transparency Falls Flat


The social graph. Data portability. Privacy. Data control. Peerset CTO and Co-founder Amit Kanigsberg has a few things to share on these topics in this second post in a series on the use of personal data.

Pursuing Transparency is no Private Matter

What does transparency mean to you? In the online advertising industry it conjures one of two things: 1) For the advertiser, full insight into the ad serving stack (from agency to publisher) or 2) For the consumer, full insight into the targeting data ad networks and data providers collect (e.g., Google, Bluekai).

If your first thought was #1, you are forgiven. It is after all natural to follow the money. And there is plenty of it being strewn across that field. But I'll argue that you should be thinking about the consumer a bit more, the sleeping giant as it were. And if you jumped straight to #2, then I'd bet you felt that current efforts and lackluster hype around transparency seems a bit, well, lacking, slight, effervescent, wispy, ethereal - more translucent really.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10    
Topic: Opinion, Research, Social, Tools, Trends and Culture

Kitty-Powered Persuasiveness Sells Ice Cream


Awww. There's always room for kitties in advertising, right? LA's Lake Street Creamery knows this and they are unapologetically leveraging that cuddly goodness.

Oh my cuteness!

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by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Strange

Angry Moms and Guns Deliver Message: Don't F%$K With Our Kids


Well here's an interesting approach to make communities aware of threats against children. We all know moms can get pretty worked up when their child is in peril. But whipping out a full-on Sly Stallone-style arsenal?

Yes, this commercial says "You don't need a gun to protect your kids" but why, then, gather together four moms, hand over the stockpile and let them go nuts? Yes, there's the whole metaphor thing but we really think the ad's creators just thought it would be cool to give a bunch on moms some guns and watch them shoot. In slow motion. With really angry, don't fuck-with-my-kids looks on their faces.

Way to get the gun control conversation started.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10    
Topic: Cause

Brand Incivility Causes 75% to Consider Boycott, 56% to Stop Patronizing


In a new poll released today by Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate and KRC Research, nearly one-third (34%) of the American public report that they are "tuning out" of social networking sites, with 39% of them attributing their tune-out to rude discourse and behavior. The online survey was conducted in April and asked more than 1,000 Americans how civility affects people's views of and participation in social media, politics, media and buying behaviors.

- 45% have defriended or blocked someone online because of uncivil
comments or behavior
- 38% stopped visiting an online site because of its incivility
- 25% dropped out of a fan club or online community because it had
become uncivil

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by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10    
Topic: Research, Social

This Commercial Will Only be Shown Once


Well, thanks to YouTube, you can watch this commercial over and over and over until you commit to memory all the digits and screen names of the delicious delicacy in the ad. Or...you could just grab a Bic pen and write it all down. Then stalk her like some middle-aged freak hunting an underage prom queen.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10    

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