Sexual Encounters Tumbled, Nevada Mocks California


- Check out Sexpaint. It's a new crowd-sourcing Tumblr that takes your embarrassing sexual encounters and turns them into equally embarrassing MS Paint illustrations.

- Pandora announced today that Starbucks, Lexus, and Budweiser are the first brands on the new Pandora iPad advertising platform.

- Nevada released a series of television ads Thursday mocking the California Legislature in an attempt to lure businesses from the state.

- If you're a fan of infographics, here's a new one illustrating the elements of content marketing.

- Spotted in the wild (well, Italy): online ads for Microsoft's soon to be released Xbox 360 Slim.

- New York Festivals celebrated its 2010 International Advertising Awards June 10th -12th in Shanghai, China. Proctor & Gamble named Advertiser of the Year, Young & Rubicam awarded Agency Network of the Year, Jung von Matt, Hamburg honored with Agency of the Year, and Mortierbrigade, Brussels awarded Boutique Agency of the Year.

- New wave group Devo is out with a reality series which details the group's process of creation and marketing.

- Can't find the image for your creative masterpiece? Visit Social Art Buyer and see if they have what you need.

- Former Telus mobile ad executive who was "driving force" behind killer campaign, sets up own ad agency, goes up shit creek during the recession and tries earning $10K smuggling pot from Canada to US. Gets caught and now facing potentially lengthy jail sentence.

- HBO has launched a beverage to promote the new season of True Blood and is touting it with posters, ads and TV promos.

- Wieden + Kennedy commissioned artist Diem Chau to carve crayons into soccer players for NIKE's World Cup press Kit.

- Look! It's a new book about advertising. Or gorillas. Or something.

- Walmart and Six Flags Entertainment are launching a summertime initiative called "Walmart Family days" that kicks off this month. Through the promotion, Walmart customers are being offered special deals at Six Flags' theme parks, including the opportunity to go to the parks an hour early on special days.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-10   Click to Comment   

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