Levi's Goes Mechanical With Houston Street Billboard


It would seem Levi's is testing a new mechanical billboard in New York. Adrants reader Floyd Hayes sent us this video of the board which he guesses will ultimately spell out "We're All in This Together."

It's an interesting execution. Nothing stunningly new but if the mechanics end up spelling out different phrases with the same mechanical wheels, that would be kinda cool. Video after the jump.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10    
Topic: Outdoor

Lara Stone Gets Naked in Calvin Klein Jeans X Commercial


Everyone has sex in the middle of a hardtop playground, right? Especially if you're not in school any more, you're a hard-bodied model and it's a Calvin Klein commercial. And if a guy named Fabien Baron directed you and Lara Stone was the object of desire, it's all perfectly plausible. Oh, and let's not forget the thousands of dollars you'll receive in exchange for a few scrapes and bruises suffered during the shoot.

Yea. It's a new commercial for Calvin Klein Jeans. And yea, there's nudity (brief). But it's art. So it's all good, right?

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Commercials

Madonna Does Dolce, Payboy Gets SFW, Arby's Miniaturizes


- Oh and while Taylor Momsen is pimping Madonn'a new Material Girl line of clothing, the Material Girl herself is pimping Dolce and Gabbana.

- YouTube and the Art Directors Club have launched Show & Tell to showcase the best marketing examples on YouTube.

- Droid X is here. Courtesy of mcgarrybowen.

- The new Playboy safe-for-work site, The Smoking Jacket, launched today.

- Arby's has launched Juniorize which allows visitors to morph themselves and friends into a 3-D animated Arby's Junior character.

- Check out Join the Colony, a new promotion for the second season of the Discovery Channel's The Colony, the story about a group of seven non-actor volunteers participating in an immersive social experiment, exploring what life might be like after a global viral catastrophe.

- Smokey the Bear is back.

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10    
Topic: Celebrity

Parasailing Donkey Fake Advertising Stunt or Animal Cruelty?


While this just screams fake publicity stunt, it seems a resort in Russia did parasail a donkey last Thursday to promote its private beach. Or, depending upon which reports you choose to believe, a parasailing company did it to promote its own business..

The stunt took place in the coastal village of Golubitskaya. Reports state the donkey brayed loudly and children screamed at the sight while everyone took pictures and no one called the police. It's also reported the donkey landed violently and was dragged for a bit before it came to a stop.

Police in Moscow are taking a look into possible animal abuse which could result in a two year jail sentence for those behind the stunt. A video of the event can be seen here of after the jump below.

We're just too jaded to take this at face value.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10    
Topic: Guerilla, Strange

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FirstBank Airport Diorama Controls Crazy Kids


If you have kids - or even if you don't - do you ever get sick of them running around the airport screaming and yelling while you're quietly trying to catch a little shut eye before the next leg of your journey? Well, this new work from TDA Advertising & Design for Colorado's FirstBank may not help but at least it will keep the screaming kids all in one place.

The latest addition to the bank's ongoing "We're here to help" campaign‚Äąturns an out-of-home display unit into a children's circular treadmill. At the Denver International Airport, a plexiglass rotating signboard is headlined, "Tire your kids out so they sleep on the plane." Kid-sized handprints appear three-and-a-half feet above the floor, and, above them, the instructions, "Have children place hand here." The signboard makes one revolution every 30 seconds.

Thanks for corralling the kids, FirstBank. Now can you encase the whole thing in a soundproof room?

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10    
Topic: Outdoor

Infomercial Product Placements Coming to a Movie Near You!


As if movie product placement wasn't already prevalent enough, now, it seems, it's going to become even more nightmarish with the addition of infomercials within a movie. BJ Fazeli of Kymaro Health & Beauty has plans for product placements in films this year.

His newest product, the Kymaro Rhythm Rocker, which Lacey Schwimmer and Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars are promoting, will make an appearance in an un-named movie later this year. In the movie, an actor will be watching an infomercial for Kymaro products, and the toll-free ordering number will be visible.

Of the placement, Fazeli said, "We don't expect people in the theater to write down the phone number but when the movie goes to DVD, people can pause it and write down the number. Maybe we can help Hollywood solve some of their financial issues. We won't ignore any medium that will reach potential customers who want to look better and have $50 in their pockets."

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10    
Topic: Product Placement

Fishnet Stockings and Cupped Breasts Urge Australians to Vote


There are many ways to convince people to vote. This, we must say, is the first time we've seen a porn-ish strategy applied. To get young people to vote, a print ad asks, "I'm legal. How about you?" Accompanying that witticism is an image that leaves no doubt which double entendre the ad's creators were going for.

Dressed in fishnet stockings and a thong, a "barely legal" woman is cupping her breasts and looking into the camera as if you were the only thing on the planet she had on her mind the moment that shutter clicked.

Of course, the ad comes from the Australian Sex Party, an organization which aims to fight for Australian's sexual rights and personal freedoms and urges the government to keep politicians out of the bedroom.

Thanks, Bill.

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10    
Topic: Cause, Political, Racy

Primo Borrows Happiness Machine For Convenience Store Promotion


Does anyone really care what brand of drink you choose when you're in a gas station convenience store? Damn right someone cares! New Zealand's Primo cares so much they'll scare the shit out of you by transforming the quiet convenience store into a pulse-pounding nightclub.

However, if you choose the right brand, Primo, you'll be bathed in a soothing, Enya-like musical experience...which is great...except if you're the kind of person who prefers to be in the midst of nightclub mayhem all the time.

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10    
Topic: Point of Purchase

Gossip Girl Hottie Fronts Madonna's Material Girl Clothing Line


If you've ever watched Gossip Girl - come on, admit it, you know you have - you'd have witnessed the transformation of Jenny Humphrey (Little J) from innocent cutie to head bitch in charge of Constance Billard. In the real world, Jenny is Taylor Momsen and she's 16 so there's only so much drooling you're allowed to do before you fall into a certain category of sleaze ball.

That said, she looks good fronting Macy's new line of eighties-themed clothing, Material Girl, from the material girl herself, Madonna, and her daughter Lourdes. The line will hit stores August 3.

Previously, Momsen, well known for her provocative style of dress and her "badass" attitude has been the face of British retailer New Look. Here's a promotional video for the Material Girl line after the jump:

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity

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