Mad Men Season Four Premieres in Times Square


Last night in Times Square Mad Men Season four premiered at 9PM, an hour earlier than the AMC broadcast premiere. And we were there. Beginning at 7PM, people lined up to have their picture taken with Elizabeth Moss, the actress who plays the Peggy Olson character. We have to say, she's the cutest in real life.

In addition to a step and repeat, there was a game show on the main stage which asked contestants trivia questions about the series. As all of this was going on, hired actors waltzed about the crowd dressed in full Mad Men garb. But they were outnumbered by many in the audience who also showed up to the premiere decked out in early sixties fashion.

A few minutes before the episode began, Moss was brought onstage by the moderator. She was joined by January Jones, the actor who plays the Betty Draper character. The two giggled and joked and then a cake was rolled out in celebration of Moss' birthday.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-26-10    
Topic: Cable, Industry Events

Big Butts Still Worshiped. Just Not by Nike This Time


In 2005, Nike released a campaign which focused on the fact not all women are rail thin supermodels. Many have big butts and thunder thighs and, as Nike would have it, that's just fine.

Five years later, the campaign has resurfaced. Well, not really. But in this day and age of social media, we're bound to see a consumer-created version of just about every popular past campaign and this one was very popular when it broke.'s another.

Personally, we much prefer this form of booty.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-10    
Topic: Consumer Created

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