Go Topless Day Organized by Raelian Movement


If you live in San Francisco (or any other major city) you may have seen an inordinate amount of topless men and women wandering around topless for GoTopless.org, an organization the supports the notion women should be able to legally bare their breasts in public.

The stunt was organized by the Raelian Movement, that cultish group that believes "that life on Earth was the result of scientific creation by an advanced, extraterrestrial human civilization, the Elohim, mistaken for gods in the Bible."

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by Steve Hall    Aug-23-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Georgia May Jagger Poses Topless For Versace


Mick Jagger's daughter, Georgia May Jagger, is continuing her modeling career with an appearance in a new campaign for Versace. Daughter of Mick and Jerry Hall, Jagger began her modeling career in 2008. For Versace, she'll be the face of the brand's Hudson Jeans. Of note, Jagger was just 17 when she took her top off for photographer Mario Sorrenti.

Of Jagger's appearance in the campaign, Hudson spokesman David Lipman said, "It's all about the heritage of having Mick Jagger as a dad and Jerry Hall as a mum. But more than anything, it's her spirit that captivates me." Perv. Oh, sorry, she's 18 now. Ogle all you want.

by Steve Hall    Aug-23-10    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity

18 Free Tips For Great Social Media Ads


1. Use the right celebrity photo in context.
2. Using the word "free' always grabs people's attention.
3. Animating banners increases response rates by up to 25% on average. (Who knew?)
4. Using terms such as "Click Here", "Visit Now" and "Enter Here" increases click-rate by 15%
5. People love lists and statistics, 56% of which are made up.
6. Images grab attention more than words.
7. Smiling faces of hot girls work. (No, seriously)

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by Steve Hall    Aug-23-10    
Topic: Events

How to Enjoy A Really Mundane Ad Campaign


Adonis David Gandy has returned to Dolce & Gabbana along with newcomer Anna Jagodzinska to front a new campaign for the brand's fragrance Light Blue. Photographed by Mario Testino, the shoot took place near Capri.

Hey, we're just easing our way into the week with a little inconsequential news fluf for you to enjoy. After all, who wants to read another Ad Age "How to" article? Did you notice at least four of their stories used the same headline style today?

by Steve Hall    Aug-23-10    
Topic: Campaigns

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