NBC's Apprentice Promo Eerily Similar to Lemonade:The Movie


As you may have heard, Eric Proulx made a wonderful movie called Lemonade: The Movie. I had the pleasure of being one of 16 people featured in the film which told the stories of people who had been laid off, the trials and tribulations they went through and the new directions and successes they found.

Well, along comes The Apprentice. This year, the show is going back to its roots. Leaving behind the celebrity idiocy, the show will, again, focus on unknowns who were laid off during the recession and are currently trying to make a go of it. The promotional clip for this year's show is eerily similar to Lemonade: The Movie.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10    
Topic: Opinion, Strange

Heading to Advertising Week? There's an App For That


Way to capitalize on a big advertising event, Deutsch! And way to slap the developers of the horrific Advertising Week website in the head. Gone is unusable Flashturbation. In is an elegantly designed, simple to navigate, highly informative iPhone app that will guide Advertising attendees through the week.

Developed by Twin Particle, the app lists all events, has a built in calender and lets you easily add events to your phone's calendar. Sweet

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Butt Banned, Bikinis Rap, Nokia Backfires, Bingo Bombs


- It's not only boobs that cause ads to get banned. Butts do too. According to the Russian Office of Federal Antimonopoly Service "indecent image of a woman's body cannot be placed in a public place."

- I'm on a boat. Absolutely nothing to do with advertising. At all. In anyway, shape or form. But it is hot. Bikinis, rap, profanity.

- Nokia HTC stunt backfires.

- There's a lot of ways to promote your bingo site. This is one of the more, um, odd methods.

- Pope your ride.

- Draw your own conclusions about Cornelius Trunchpole.

- Speaking of Cornelius Trunchpole, Sound Lounge has an interview with the man. The joke gets even more preposterous.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10    
Topic: Packaging, Policy, Promotions, Social, Super Bowl 2011

Study: Most Social Media Publishers Bless Sponsored Content


In a survey conducted by IZEA 2,800 social media publishers/users were asked about their habits on advertiser engagement, compensation practices and publisher preferences and earnings, resulting in the following key findings:

- 88.3 percent of social media publishers monetize social media in some way.
- 87.4 percent of social media publishers have or would create sponsored content.
- The average social media publisher spends $711 per year on hosting, education, conferences and related social media costs.
- Twitter users earn 298 percent more in SMS for their blog than non-twitter users.
- 35 percent of PR, social media and marketing professionals are not aware of the FTC guidelines on endorsements in social media.

Check out the full report here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10    
Topic: Research

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Advertising Hotties Site Wants Sexy Ad People


Squarely in the category of Why Didn't We Think of This First comes Advertising Hotties, a site which hopes to build a collection of the hottest people working in advertising. There's only one image on the site so far and it's decidedly not hot so the site really, really needs your help.

We all know advertising employs some of the hottest looking people in the business world. From the fresh-faced intern who still dresses like she's in a club to the mature, mid-life gentleman who dresses like he's a GQ model, there are some amazingly good looking people walking the halls of advertising agencies and corporate marketing department.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10    
Topic: Announcements

Banned Pregnant Nun Ad Takes Aim at Pope Benedict


Antonio Federici ice cream, which had its pregnant nun ad banned by the UK's Advertising Standards authority for making a mockery of Roman Catholic beliefs isn't taking the ban laying down. The company plans to continue with the same theme and, in addition, make a point of targeting Pope Benedict with the campaign during his four day visit to the UK which begins today.

An Antonio Federici spokeswoman said, "We intend to defy the ASA's ban and will publish another ad from the series before the Pope's visit later this week. We are also in the process of securing billboards close to and along the planned route of the Pope's cavalcade around Westminster Cathedral."

The ad carries the tagline, "Immaculately Conceived ... Ice cream is our religion."

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by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10    
Topic: Campaigns, Opinion, Policy, Political

Wonderbra 3D Billboard Causes Road Safety Concern


Now this is funny. That Wonderbra 3D billboard has the UK's Institute of Advance Motorist up in arms and complaining the board could cause problems on the roads because, well, people like to stare at boobs. And if they're staring at boobs, their eyes aren't on the road. So, we guess the organization has a point.

There is precedent here. Sixteen years ago, a billboard featuring Eva Herzigova looking down at her cleavage above the caption, "Hello Boys," caused quite a few accidents.

The organization's concern with the billboard isn't entirely with boobs, per se. IAM Spokesman Vine Yearly (now that's a name) says the board's blurry image, when viewed without 3D glasses, may cause motorists to spend too much time trying to interpret the image.

Let the accidents commence.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10    
Topic: Outdoor

So Yea, The New Megan Fox Armani Ad is Out


While we're not all that excited about it - which is odd because, well, we're usually very easy to excite - the new Megan Fox commercial for Armani is out and the internet is slathering all over it. Which, of course, is totally understandable given the unbelievable hotness of Fox.

Called The Tip, we see Fox open a hotel room door to let a handsome waiter in who proceeds to set her dinner up while Fox changes out of her robe and into her jeans...in full site of the waiter...who does all he can to take as long as he can to set up her dinner so he can admire Fox as she changes.

When she finishes changing, perfectly time with when the waiter finishes setting up the table, Fox presents the man with a tip. Of course, he turns it down because, well, he's already received the best tip any waiter could have received.

That said, we hate her tattoos.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Commercials

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