Fire Department Extinguishes Smoking Billboard


A billboard in Sioux Falls for Avera Health's which touted the importance of having a family emergency medical plan showed a woman sitting on a gurney in front of a smoking car after an accident. The agency that created the board, BVK, put a smoke machine behind the billboard so the smoke on the billboard would appear to continue upward into the sky.

While the billboard drew many people to the website, the local fire department wasn't too happy with the stunt and had the smoke machine turned off after just two days. The campaign is still up and running but it's now smokeless.

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-10    
Topic: Outdoor

Zombie's Invade Madrid for Resident Evil: Afterlife Promotion


We'll watch Milla Jovovich in anything which is really the only reason we even care about this Resident Evil Afterlife promotion in Madrid which had zombie hands crawling out of sewer grates, doors, flower beds, display windows, buses and other random places.

Watch the video as onlookers react and record the stunt. Copyranter reports Bungalow 25 is behind the stunt.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-17-10    
Topic: Guerilla

PETA Wastes Water to Get People to Save Water (And Go Vegan)


As the very cute PETA Spokesperson Lauren Stroyeck told the Tulsa news media how much water is wasted to process meat, two PETA employees, Virginia Fort and Lauren Quillo, showered nude in downtown Tulsa. The group claims more water can be saved by skipping one pound of meat than skipping a half year of showers

Explaining the stunt, Stroyeck said, "Facts and figures alone aren't usually enough to engage people but when they see two ladies showering on the sidewalk."

As Fort and Quillo shower in the background, Stroyeck contimues, saying, "Over half the water in the United States goes to raising and killing animals on factory farms."

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-10    
Topic: Cause, Guerilla

ADC Young Guns Winners Announced


The Art Directors Club has announced its ADC Young Guns winners. On October 7 from 7-10PM at the ADC Gallery in New York, the organization will honor the selected younglings. At the event, the ADC will unveil its brand spanking new ADC Young Guns 8 Cube which will be given to each of the winners.

The winner's portfolios will be on display in the gallery through October 22.

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-10    
Topic: Industry Events

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Hottest NFL Cheerleaders Kick Justin Bieber Off ChaCha Chart


It's Friday. It's almost the weekend. And we're getting a late start today. So we think this little news item from one of our favorite PR professionals is perfect to share. It's light. It's fun. And it's involves hot cheerleaders. Without further ado, here's what we were sent:

'In case you think ChaCha is only about text messages: On, the Justin Bieber Topic page usually gets 1,200 page views a day and has remained in the #1 spot for a very long time. Nikki Minaj has recently taken the leading spot, applying pressure to the Bieb's in a very close battle for #1.

But, yesterday, Justin got spanked by 20 of the hottest NFL cheerleaders who collected 16,000+ page views.

I send this as a fun fact, not so you can ask me how to get in touch with that Redskins cheerleader (although if in your other reporting you find out, DO let me know.)"

Thanks, George. We'll do out best investigative journalism on that for you.

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Mobile/Wireless, Racy, Social

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