BlogWorld Parties Take Shape (Google Calendar)


If you're going to BlogWorld at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas October 14-16, in addition to all the keynote and panel goodness, you'll want to know about all the parties as well. Well, we're going to make it as easy as we can to find your way around and make sure you hit all the parties you want.

Out of the goodness of our little Adrants hearts, we compile a Google calendar of all the parties so you don't have to. It's in a continuous stage of development so be sure to check it regularly (after the jump) as the conference dates approach. Times are shown in Pacific.

See you in Vegas!

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by Steve Hall    Sep-29-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Yahoo Wants Your Best Non-Profit Digital Campaigns


Yahoo and the Ad Council today announced the launch of the 2010 Create for a Cause contest to recognize the best in digital advertising for public service campaigns.

The winning campaign, selected by a panel of digital advertising leaders, will appear on Yahoo!'s sign-in page.

The second annual Create for a Cause contest will be open from October 11 to December 3, 2010, to advertising agencies looking to showcase their most creative digital campaigns for nonprofit and federal government agency clients. And for the first time, all agencies are invited to submit entries, including those not affiliated directly with the Ad Council. The winning campaign will be announced January 5, 2011.

Get your creative on, people!

by Steve Hall    Sep-29-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Broccoli Saves Parachuter's Life


Who knew? The Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) and john st., Toronto has just revealed that a 5-week campaign featuring the virtues of broccoli, was not for broccoli at all. Instead, it was to prove that television advertising can sell anything.

Back in January 2010, a TV campaign aired for broccoli pitting its "miraculous" health benefits against other so-called miracles. After just five weeks on air, without any other form of communication or marketing efforts, the "Miracle Food" TV campaign garnered some serious attention. Fan-created Facebook pages attracted over 20,000 followers and broccoli sales were up 8% over the previous year. The most rewarding metric of all was the extra 188,574 pounds of broccoli that went into grocery carts across Canada the month.

The TVB's "Miracle Food" campaign, via john st., Toronto, consisted of three broadcast spots, directed by OPC's Brian Lee Hughes, which point to and a post-campaign print ad revealing the campaign.

See one of the three commercials here or below.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-29-10    
Topic: Commercials

Grandson Acts Like Idiot to Get Grandmother's Attention


You know those people with gray hair and wrinkles? Come on, you know who we're talking about! It's not like they're just inconsequential bumps on a log. They're the elderly! They're your grandparents! They've been through a lot of shit and they deserve your respect and attention. Which, apparently, is the goal of this PSA.

But, sadly, all this ad seems to accomplish is to cement the notion that young people, once and for all, are just bothersome idiots.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-29-10    
Topic: Cause, Strange

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Nike Stops Motion , Zuckerberg Gets Revenge

- Here's a new commercial for Nike Italy that goes from action to stop motion and back.

- Mark Zuckerberg gets his revenge for The Social Network.

- Can you have a kids and a great advertising career?

- An interesting story involving politics, social security, cows and 310 million tits.

by Steve Hall    Sep-29-10    
Topic: Commercials, Racy, Spoofs

People Get Naked For Free Clothes


This morning around 2AM, Advertising Age reports a line of people in their underwear began to form in front of clothing store Desigul. It was part of a promotion, Undie Party, that offered a free top and bottom to the first 100 people who showed up wearing only underwear. It's the second Undie Party the retailer has held in New York since it began three months ago.

The second 100 people in line received 50 % off anything they chose to buy. Advertising Age's Todd Stone interviewed those who stood in line and those who made it through the doors once the store opened. Todd's best line in his article: "Some were guys, some were girls, some looked great without clothes, some not so much." Very true.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-29-10    
Topic: Promotions

HBO's True Blood Wins IAB MIXX Best in Show


Last night, the Interactive Advertising Bureau held its sixth annual MIXX Awards to "recognize the brand marketers and agencies responsible for the most innovative and effective interactive advertising of the year."

This year, Best in Show went to HBO's True Blood and Digital Kitchen for their "Hacking Reality" campaign for the second season launch of the vampire series. The work integrated digital and traditional media, with online, outdoor, print, stunts and a series of brand partnerships.

The second season of True Blood was teased through a mix of media tactics including vampires in faux blogs and online editorials as well as in traditional advertising and editorial takeovers. The strategy included co-branding with products like Geico, Harley-Davidson and Gillette, a host of classified ads, viral videos and a serialized weekly Inside Edition-type show covering all things vampire.

The worked seemed to have paid off since it resulted in True Blood season 2, episode 1, being the most-watched show on HBO On Demand, with an average of 12.6 million gross viewers per episode for the season, up 62% over the previous year.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-29-10    
Topic: Industry Events

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