Sony Wants to Know if You're Still A Virgin


To promote what assuredly will be a piece of crap movie, Sony is out with a billboard campaign which asks, "Still A Virgin?" The movie is called The Viginity Hit and the boards offer an 800 number to call which leads to simple choices such as "press three if you don't know if you're a virgin or not."

While a help line for virgins might be a bit strange, it dovetails perfectly with the premise of the movie. Three guys spend the entire movie trying to get their friend laid...and film it when it happens. Don't we have enough of that crap all over the internet already?

Stranger things have happened though. The film cost $2 million to make so it's a forgone conclusion it will definitely make some money for Sony. And who knows. It would be a sleeper hit like American Pie. Hey, we're just keeping our "we told you so" options open here.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 2-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor   

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