Eva Longoria Billboards Attack Moroccan Sensitivities


In a lengthy and thoughtful piece on MoroccoBoard.com, Nora Fitzgerald takes a look at a real estate billboard campaign featuring Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria and, what some consider, too much of her cleavage. Now aside from the fact Longoria really doesn't have cleavage, Moroccans consider that area of the body private and not for public viewing. Certainly not on ten billboards, one after another alongside a country road.

Finding the boards offensive, someone spray painted over Longoria's "cleavage." Then, apparently getting the message, the advertiser revised the creative to show less cleavage. That wasn't good enough for the detractors who further defaced the boards by ripping the paper off.

Apparently, the war between advertiser and billboard bandit has been going on for some time.

by Steve Hall    Oct-21-10    
Topic: Outdoor

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