Campaign Urges Students to Cop A Feel


Normally, any effort that urges one student to touch another student's breasts would be heavily frowned upon. Though, in this case, it's for a good cause: breast cancer awareness. A charitable cause group called Coppafeel will descend upon the University of Exeter in the UK for what it's calling Boob Attack!

The goal of the campaign is to make sure young women understand the importance of regular breast examinations. Founded in 2009 by Kristen Hallenga who, herself, was diagnosed with breast cancer which spread to her back, the campaign's Boob Team travels across the United Kingdom urging women to "get to know their boobs."

by Steve Hall    Oct-26-10    
Topic: Cause

SEO Company Wants Three Way With Adrants


We get propositioned all the time here at Adrants. You name it, we've been asked to do it. Perhaps it's our demeanor. Perhaps it's our fixation with a particular form of advertising strategy. Perhaps it's our obsession with top heavy women who love football. Whatever the case may be, we get propositioned a lot. Today, we were asked to engage in a three way. Yes, a three way.

Hey, we're all for a bit of adventuresome fun around here but this particular three way doesn't sound anywhere near as much fun as another kind of three way with which we are far more familiar. The following found its way into our inbox today:

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by Steve Hall    Oct-26-10    
Topic: Racy

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