Top 12 Hottest Adrants Articles


We thought it was time to dive into Google Analytics to see what you readers have been chewing up over time. Here's a list of what you seem to enjoy most:

1. The Girls of ad:tech Celebrated
2. Bootylicious Ass Offers Last Minute, Pre-Holiday Office Fantasy
3. Hot Girls Spread Peanut Butter on Car. Yes, This is Advertising
4. Fiorana Launches Line of Latino-Cut Bootylicious Jeans
5. Sex Doesn't Sell But That Won't End It's Use in Advertising
6. Little Girl Spawns Dance Craze For Samsung
7. Keira Knightley Gets Bigger Boobs For Movie Promo
8. Booty-Baring Babes Give UPS Brand Love
9. Perrier Cools Hot Thong-Clad Ass
10. Advertisers: Wake Up and Smell the Sex
11. If You're a DD Cup, Victoria's Secret Will Make You a G Cup
12. Bulging Nubile Breasts Command Attention to Statutory Rape

Funny. Do you sense a particular fixation with anything in this industry?

by Steve Hall    Oct-24-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy   

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