Love Wine? There's a Facebook App For That


The Bordeaux Wine Council is out with Bottles Away (demo), a Facebok application that challenges players to pick six wines from the shelves in 60 seconds that add up to $100 or less. At the end of your sixty seconds, the player is given the names and availability of the wines he or she has selected.

by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Social

Target's Two Day Sale Will Make You Insane


If ever there was a perfect example of our obsession with materialism, it would be this Target campaign with comedian Maria Bamford touting the retailer's upcoming two day sale, apparently, if the campaign is to be believed, one of the year's most frenzied shopping events.

With eight commercials, Bamford shows us just how insane we can get when it comes to Christmas shopping. And it isn't a pretty site. We think we'll stay home with The Adrants Interns. They're much less stressful to be around.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Campaigns

Beyonce Bares Bootyliciousness For Christmas Campaign


Just in time to take the heat off, Beyonce is coming out with a new campaign shot by British photographer Matt Jones for fashion retailer C&A, a brand with which Beyonce has worked with before.

The campaign, which breaks November 23, will include a commercial directed by Adria Petty in which music from her I am...Sasha Fierce album will be featured.

by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity

Voting will Give You an Orgasm, LeBron Sells Furniture


- Voting is so amazing it will give you an orgasm.

- LeBron James is trying to sell his line of Home Court furniture to a wise ass.

- Yawn. Red Bull is hosting a consumer-generated advertising contest.

- Want to see German hottie Sylvie van der Vaart? Well then you have to watch this 4:30 video about how a promotional art installation was put together for Xbox Kinect

by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Racy

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Don't You Dare Turn That New York Jets Game Off


Here's the latest in Mullen's Ground Rules campaign for JetBlue. Witness what happens when the bartender turns off the New York Jets game at an East Village bar. Not exactly the best thing to do. And...if you wouldn't take it on the ground, don't take it in the air.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Commercials, Video

Consumer Reports Makes Naughty and Nice List


Just in time for the holidays, Consumer Reports has created a Naughty and Nice list. On the list are brands which have nice customer service policies and brands with not so nice customer service policies. Take a look.


1 Southwest. Two pieces of checked luggage, no charge. And that includes bulky freight such as golf clubs and skis.

2 L.L.Bean. 100 percent product satisfaction guarantee. Return anything at any time for any reason.

3 Free shipping and free returns, including prepaid return label.

4 Costco. Open-ended return policy for virtually everything the warehouse retailer sells minus some home electronics, which come with a still-generous 90-day return period.

5 U.S. Cellular. While the FCC is proposing that cell carriers alert consumers who are about to exceed their plans' monthly minutes allotment, which could lead to significant overage charges, this company is already practicing due diligence and giving its customers a heads up.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Brands

Rudolph is A Brown (Red) Noser


So if you're a flying, talking, human-headed reindeer and you don't know what to get Santa for Christmas just ask Rudolph. He's got a red nose but he's also got a brown one. Take a look at this new commercial from Cactus and Fueld Films for the Colorado Lottery's Holiday Scratch game.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Strange

Just Because She's Drunk Doesn't Mean She Wants It


With the realization over half of all sexual assaults are alcohol-related, SAVE, a collection of cause groups fighting sexual assault, has launched the Don't Be That Guy campaign. Targeting 18-24 year old men, the poster campaign carries straight forward messaging that includes the headlines, "Just because you help her home ... doesn't mean you get to help yourself and "Just because she isn't saying no ... doesn't mean she's saying yes." A third, to be placed above urinals in men's rooms, will carry the headline, "Just because she's drunk doesn't mean she wants to f***."

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by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Poster

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