Moss Networks Rocks La Pomme During ad:tech


On Tuesday night before ad:tech New York kicked off, Moss Networks held its Mix + Mingle party at La Pomme. We suppose saying the party was the bomb would make us sound like some sort of pretentious hipster wannabe but the party was, in fact, a really good time. Many familiar faces. Lots of energy since the conference hadn't yet taken its toll on people. There was great music and entertaining dancers.

Moss Networks, which has held Mix + Mingle events at past ad:techs, had had these dancers before at their San Francisco party. The party organizers loved them so much they flew them to New York for their party and an appearance at the AdKnowledge party as well the next night.

Also enlivening things at the party were the "sponsor girls." Four women, one from each company sponsoring the party, LoudMo, InText, DankCash and WebAir, donned tight branded tops and little black miniskirts and graciously shared their hotness with everyone at the party.

Check out off the pictures from the event on flickr or on Facebook if you want to tag.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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