Undergarments in a Bunch Over Bundaberg Rum Apology


The Bundaberg Rum saga which had the distiller first blow up then roast a crocodile on a golf course now has the brand apologizing for it's first apology. In reaction to an apparent outcry over the blowing up of a crocodile, the brand issued an apology. Apparently, that apology wasn't good enough so the brand issued another.

It's all just plain poppy cock. But take note of the suitcases.

We must admit, we love this story line. Humorous as the original commercial was, it certainly could have generated actual outcry. Because, Lord knows, if people complain about talking bubbles, they're certainly going to complain about an animal being blown up.

Whether or not there were actual complaints is beside the point. The brand decided to make a storyline out of the fact people will complain about most anything they see because, well, what else do people have to do except bitch about innocuous commercials. So why not anticipate the outcry and make a story about it? Well done, Bundaberg.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 8-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Strange   

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