Cleavage Hinders, Teens Fetishized, Tajazzle Dazzles


- According to a study in Britain, revealing too much cleavage might cost a woman a raise. This can't be true in advertising!

- Pizza Hut has plans to make their first appearance in a Super Bowl with a commercial sated to air during the first half of the game reports Advertising Age. But didn't they do a spot with Jessica Simpson during the game in 2007?

- Tajazzle. It puts some bling in your fling. Seriously.

- A new study from the Parents Television Council caims TV "Objectifies and Fetishizes underage girls.

- Colle + McVoy has done a nice revamp of the land O' Lakes website.

- Support breast cancer awareness by Bowling for Boobs.

by Steve Hall    Dec-16-10    
Topic: Research, Super Bowl 2011

Wild Animals + Celebrities = Fashion Foolery


Oxfam America is out with a new campaign that pokes fun at high fashion advertising by substituting models with livestock including alpacas, goats and chickens. Real fashion photographer Pier Nicola D'Amico shot the campaign and Mini Driver along with Scarlett Johannson lend some dry wit.

The campaign is headed by "The Hidalgo," a crazed fashion freak played by comedian Chris Wylde. New videos highlighting the silliness are being released several times a week until the end of December.

Follow the series on YouTube as it unfolds.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-16-10    
Topic: Cause, Celebrity

Tracy Awards Celebrates Worst Ads of the Year


The Tracy Awards, honoring the worst this business has to offer, is out with its winners for 2010. Included on this year's list is work for Oreo, Doubletree, Heineken, State Farm, Couvoisier and much more. Here's the full list of winners:

- Best simultaneous destruction of the last shreds of dignity Shaq, Apollo Ohno, Serena Williams, and Eli Manning had left: Oreo - "Heads or Tails."
- Best use of Photoshop to sledge hammer home an already belabored point: Doubletree - "Double Tree Family."
- Best use of sentimentality to insult the collective intelligence of humanity: Foundation for a Better Life - "Sportsmanship."
- Best use of copywriting in a ... billboard!­: Sizzler - "How do you Sizzler?"
- Best casual sexism since 1963: Summer's Eve - "How to ask for a raise."
- Best sad attempt to out-Bud Light Bud Light: Heineken - "The Tube."
- Best use of heavy-handed hyperbole to erase all semblance of credibility: PCRM - "Consequences."
- Best use of forced diversity since every college ad ever: State Farm - "Dap."
- Best use of arrogance to remind us that cognac isn't just for rich people and douche bags, but also for rich douche bags: Courvoisier - "You wish."
- Best use of a logo to make it look like your brand was invented in an airport bathroom: Gravity Defying Shoes - "Sperm Logo."
- Best use of child labor to write copy: Cold-EEZE - "Facebook Packaging Tie-in."

by Steve Hall    Dec-16-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Acura Shuns Over-Spending. Urges Over-Saving


A new seven-spot campaign created by RP& (yea, that's the name of the agency) and Chelsea Pictures highlights the lengths people will go to achieve certain necessary goals in their life. They it trashes that lofty excess and urges people to over save instead of overspend. It's really as simple as that. And an interesting approach to take since we all know a few kooks out there who ocer-obess about the most idiotic things.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-16-10    
Topic: Campaigns

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Young, Hot Mr. Youth Employees Raise Money For School


It's sort of like one of those drunken videos shot at a party where everyone mugs into the camera trying to look as sexy as they can. Except in this Mr. Youth video, no one's drunk, everyone has all their clothes on and intelligence wins out over insipid idiocy. But everyone is still really sexy.

This video calls attention to a fund raising effort that will result in Mr. Youth building a school in Laos this Fall. Thankful for the fact everyone at Mr. Youth has benefited from a privileged life of education and mentorship, the employees want this school to be a means for others around the world to benefit as well.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-16-10    
Topic: Agencies, Cause

Backseat Sex Sells Lingerie


We saw this video months ago, could have sworn we wrote about it but can't find evidence of it anywhere. So...we'll write about it now. Because that's what we do. The video is for Forrester & Bob Underwear and, yes, like all lingerie commercials, it's salacious, sexy and filled with hotness. And a tiny bit of nudity too so beware if you or your boss are afraid of such things.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-16-10    
Topic: Commercials, Opinion, Racy Founder Launches Evernote-Like Service for Ads


People love to save stuff for later. For when they have a free moment to get to it. It's why Evernote is so popular. It's why we have Read It Later. Photocopiers. Folders. Clipping services. Basements. Garages. Atticks. You name it, everyone has a place where they keep stuff they think they will need later on.

But advertising? Would anyone ever bother to save an ad to refer to later? Scott Kurnit thinks so and he's launched an entire business around the assumption that if, given a mechanism, many people would love to save ads and refer to them later. Kurnit, founder of, is CEO of AdKeeper, a service that allows advertisers to place a button in online advertising which, when clicked, will place the ad in a person's "Keeper" to be referred to at a later date.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-16-10    
Topic: Tools

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