The Strangest Ads of 2010


In celebration of the wondrous oddities that find their way into advertising's creativity, we'd like to highlight some of the year's strangest ads. We've got guys cleaning their faces with their balls, a sneaker firmly planting itself in a giant, fake ass, wrist cutting that's dubbed sexy, a para-sailing donkey, Canadians barfing pink paint, a spanking fetish fueled by a love for sneakers, roller coaster facials, a wandering bladder, a golfer with his head up his ass and school girls who love to smell each others fingers

1. Guys, Would You Wipe Your Face With Your Balls?
2. Muscular Man Boobs Scare Up Planet Fitness Membership
3. Family Sells Itself to Advertisers
4. Diesel Sticks Giant Sneaker Up Giant Ass
5. Summer's Eve Says Douche Before You Ask For A Raise

6. Japanese Ad Says Wrist Cutting is Sexy
7. Bathroom Cleaner Lures Gumby From Hiding
8. Parasailing Donkey Fake Advertising Stunt or Animal Cruelty?
9. Rockstar + Anti-Rockstar = Urinary Explosion
10. Kitty-Powered Persuasiveness Sells Ice Cream
11. Tampax Seeks President of Tampon Fan Club
12. Canadians Paint Country Pink While Waiting For Doctors
13. Spanking Fetish Determines Sneaker Brands For Footlocker
14. Asian Hottie and Eastpak Little Person Have Sex to Stop War
15. Cadbury Gives Roller Coaster Riders Ice Cream Facials
16. 79 is the New 69
17. Cheese Monster Gets Ripped to Shreds
18.Drooling Baby Satisfied With Breast Milk
19. Film Festival Promises Not to Hold Your Bladder Hostage
20. Bikinis and Speedos Win Applicants Bahamas Internship
21. Samsung Puts A Party in Your Microwave
22. For Some, Extra Long Condoms Are A Necessity
23. One Billion Bikini-Clad Babes Frightened by Bad Eyewear
24. High School girls Smell Each Others Fingers
25. CBS Says No to Golfers With Heads Up Their Ass For Super Bowl
26. Fire-Breathing, Money Dumping Goat Sells Lottery Tickets

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-10   Click to Comment   
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