Tracy Awards Celebrates Worst Ads of the Year


The Tracy Awards, honoring the worst this business has to offer, is out with its winners for 2010. Included on this year's list is work for Oreo, Doubletree, Heineken, State Farm, Couvoisier and much more. Here's the full list of winners:

- Best simultaneous destruction of the last shreds of dignity Shaq, Apollo Ohno, Serena Williams, and Eli Manning had left: Oreo - "Heads or Tails."
- Best use of Photoshop to sledge hammer home an already belabored point: Doubletree - "Double Tree Family."
- Best use of sentimentality to insult the collective intelligence of humanity: Foundation for a Better Life - "Sportsmanship."
- Best use of copywriting in a ... billboard!­: Sizzler - "How do you Sizzler?"
- Best casual sexism since 1963: Summer's Eve - "How to ask for a raise."
- Best sad attempt to out-Bud Light Bud Light: Heineken - "The Tube."
- Best use of heavy-handed hyperbole to erase all semblance of credibility: PCRM - "Consequences."
- Best use of forced diversity since every college ad ever: State Farm - "Dap."
- Best use of arrogance to remind us that cognac isn't just for rich people and douche bags, but also for rich douche bags: Courvoisier - "You wish."
- Best use of a logo to make it look like your brand was invented in an airport bathroom: Gravity Defying Shoes - "Sperm Logo."
- Best use of child labor to write copy: Cold-EEZE - "Facebook Packaging Tie-in."

by Steve Hall    Dec-16-10   Click to Comment   
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