Newsflash! Creatives to Develop Campaign in 24 Hours!


Once again, a couple of creatives are going to lock themselves in a room and...wait for it...COME UP WITH A BRAND CAMPAIGN IN 24 HOURS! Good God, this is a seriously off the wall, progressive stunt, the likes of which we have never before seen. We simply can't wait for the outcome. The suspense is killing us. KILLING US we say!

Well who's to say this is the stupidest, most overdone idea ever? You never know. Some brand could, as the pair claim, become a household name over night. We aren't holding our breath but it could be fun to watch. If they actually told us how we could do so.

by Steve Hall    Jan-17-11    
Topic: Guerilla

Levi's Seeks Next Social Media Girl


After a successful promotion that netted Levi's its first Social Media Girl, the brand is on the prowl again for another. Once again, the brand is looking for video submissions from those who think they can help engage with the brand's fan base on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Interested women should head over to to the Levi's Facebook page by February 2 and check out the details. Five finalists will be selected and the public will vote from February 16 - 23. In a sense, it will be a simple popularity content. The girl with the most votes wins. Which, sadly, doesn't say anything about the girl's ability to engage in any manner with Levi's fane base.

For all we now, the next Levi's girl will be a big boobed, blond bimbo who loves to prance around in pleated plaid miniskirts and tight, low cut tops while uttering inanities that make no sense. But, no one will care. Because she's hot. And that's all that really matter, right?

by Steve Hall    Jan-17-11    
Topic: Brands

Brian Solis to Head Pivot Conference, Adrants to Join Advisory


Pivot Conference, launched last year with over 700 attendees, is getting a new editorial leader: Brian Solis. Solis, who is taking over for Guidewire CEO Chris Shipley, is a well known speaker, author and an all around nice guy.

Dubbed the "TED of Marketing" by author Douglas Rushkoff, Pivot Conference is aimed at helping brand marketers and their agencies bridge the gap between themselves and the social consumer.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-17-11    
Topic: Industry Events

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