Sony Sponsors Avril Levigne's Lingerie-Fueled Transformation to Adulthood


Just like Debbie Gibson. Just like Britney Spears. Just like Christina Aguilera. Just like just like Miley Cyrus. And just like every other starlet who, at one point or another, decides she needs to "grow up," "become and adult," "shed her childhood" and show the world that she's no longer a little girl but a sexed-up super hottie who's ready to take on the world.

With her new single, What the Hell, Avril Levigne is now part of the "I'm not a child anymore" club. Of course, Levigne never really was of the child star ilk what with her so-called punk approach to music and decided avoidance of Disney.

Anyway, none of this matters. What does matter is that Levigne has a sponsor for her "official" shift from childhood to womanhood. With a prominent product placement for Vaio, not to mention Levigne's own branded fragrance, in the beginning of the video, Sony is blessing Levigne's desire to scream "what the hell" and do whatever the hell she wants. Well, at least for the duration of the single and before she falls back into the arms of her man.

by Steve Hall    Jan-25-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Video   

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