Billboard Teaser Campaign Makes Impossible Possible


We love a billboard teaser campaign. Done right, they generate a lot of curiosity and if unveiled properly, can reap significant awareness. A teaser campaign in Kansas City was recently unveiled as a rebranding effort from area clinic St. Luke's Health System.

The teaser boards consisted of a simple white background with words like, "impossible," "hopeless" and "unbelievable," written on them. The reveal boards show medical objects like I.V. bags covering up the 'im' in impossible and masks covering up the 'less' in hopeless. Copy revealed that reversing strokes was now possible and that 120 clinical trials gave cancer patients hope.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-16-11    
Topic: Outdoor

Sophia Vergara's 34DD's Banned From Diet Pepsi Skinny Can Ad


Sophia Vergara, star of Modern Family and inhabitant of a 34DD-28-39 curvaceous body, can be seen in a new ad for Diet Pepsi's new Skinny Can, some sort of twisted ode to the fact the can of chemicals will make you skinny just because the can is skinny.

In the ad Vergara's less that skinny upper body parts have been minimized by photographic angle and a freakish shoulder placement. Because, after all, women with big boobs aren't skinny. They/re top heavy. And top heavy is bad when it comes to our current culture's definition of rail thin beauty.

Some argue the ad contributes to harmful stereotypes about women's body image. We say it's simply the twisted notion that somehow big breasts equal slut and that no woman with big breasts could possibly be taken seriously simply because of the shape of her upper body. To that, we say utter nonsense.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-16-11    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity, Opinion

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