Dree Hemingway Not Dead, Jennifer Aniston Sells Used Cars


- Dree Hemingway (yes, Mariel Hemingway's daughter) is out with more work for Argentinean fashion label AY Not Dead. As with her first work for the brand, Dree was photographed by Sebastián Faena.

- The Queen gets her own personalized bedroom design courtesy of IKEA.

- Car dealer gets boatloads of free publicity from Jennifer Anniston who didn't even know she was doing so.

- The Interactive Advertising Bureau announced today that Randall Rothenberg has been reappointed President and Chief Executive Officer. Hmm. The Time gig went by pretty quickly.

by Steve Hall    Feb-22-11    
Topic: Celebrity

Ass Cam Catches People Staring at Ass


Here's a video that answers the question all women with nice asses ask themselves each day: who is staring at my ass? As part of a promotion to pimp Levi's Curve ID Skinny Jeans, two women, Jessie and Reanin, with a lot of help from BBDO Auckland, strapped a tiny camera to their asses and took a walk. The result is unsurprising because we all know girls with nice asses get started at.

Of course, Levi's is calling this a huge success because...well, because the video has achieved almost 6 million views since it went up February 14. And that means viral success!

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by Steve Hall    Feb-22-11    
Topic: Guerilla, Viral

Kelly Brook is About to Explode and Needs Our Help


You of course remember the Dutch Axe commercial in which super hot angels fall from the sky to hook up with Axe wearing men, right? Well now there's a follow on to that. It seems on angel has been left behind. One very, very hot and very, very frustrated angel.

Yes. Left behind. Left writhing in a state of perpetual, hyper sexualized ecstasy. Pent up with explosive desire because she hasn't found her match. A match who can offer her much needed release from all her unrealized desire. Desire so powerful it causes her to moan with wanton abandon from the clouds above. Desire which brings her to the edge of nirvana but refuses to deliver. Desire which, if not given the chance to release itself in a flood of orgasmic delight could very well cause the world to end as we know it.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-22-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Racy, Social

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