Blind People Work Better, American Apparel Gets Nude Again


- PSA urges Norwegians to hire the blind because you'll be more efficient and you'll have more fun at work.

- American Apparel continues its nudity flirtation with a watercolor painting of three topless women. Previously, the brand served up some very young and very naked looking women in pencil sketch concepts.

- And here's that Skittles ad in which two guys are stuck in two giant fists hoping a giant bag of Skittles will set them free.

- By far, the strangest Groundhog Day video we've ever seen. Thank for blame Lucky Branded Entertainment.

- Weiden + Kennedy Amsterdam is recruiting for The Kennedy's, a group of six young creatives who will join the agency's apprentice program for six months to create and produce real work while learning the ropes of the business.

- "Life After Santa" is a creative marketing program being conducted by Greater New York Toyota Dealers Association to generate consumer awareness of the Toyota Prius.

- Help Holland fight cancer. If this video gets 100,000 views, Dutch television station SBS 6 will air the commercial free on World Cancer Day, February 4, 2011.

- Banana Republic is launching a new Spring 2011 campaign, Journey in Style, which includes a film trailer and magazine ads.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 3-11   Click to Comment   

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