Like Boobs in a Supportive Sports Bra, These Earbuds Won't Fall Out


OK. So you're sitting on a bench in the park. just enjoying your paper. Wait, what? Nobody reads the paper anymore. But we didn't create this video and that's not what we're interested in. Anyway. So you're reading your paper and some hot chick in workout clothing decides to give you the look and then do a few stretches right in front of you.

At that point, you're thankful to the Gods of Chance and figure your day has been made. But the fun isn't over yet. The hottie decides to switch the song that's she's listening to to one that's akin to a song you might hear in a night club - full of bass and deep enough to make things shake. And that's when you get the full on boobalicious pay off.

Give it a watch

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 1-11    
Topic: Racy, Strange

Chest Vibrator Increases Breast Size


As far as we can tell, this is not an April Fool's joke. And why would it be? This craziness is nothing new and has been around forever. Besides, we found out about it yesterday. WHatare we talking about? Bosom Max. Yes, Bosom Max. What is Bosom Max? It's some stupid vibrating device a woman can strap to her chest that is supposed to make her boobs bigger.

Sound like a great gift to give to someone as a joke today. We'll have to do a follow up story in a week or so to see if Bosom Max saw an uptick in sales. Check out the ad on the website.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 1-11    
Topic: Strange

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