Frozen Food Never Looked So Good


For those of you who are into food porn - and who isn't these days with what seems to be every other TV show covering some form of cooking - you might like this new campaign from McCann Erickson for P.F. Chang's Home Menu from Unilever, a line of frozen entrees. A frozen entree never looked so good. And it will never look this good in your home either because, as you know, it takes great effort and skill to film and photograph food without it looking like it was just barfed up by your dog.

So enjoy the ads and just pretend you have your own food stylist at home when you open the package and a big hunk of freezer-burned food-like stuff falls into your fry pan. Launching today, the campaign will include :15's as well as online efforts.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-11    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials

In Which Our Four Year Old Prediction Comes True


Four years ago, we made a prediction. Today, that prediction has turned into what appears to be a full fledged business offering from mobile ad network AdZookie. The company plans to turn houses into gigantic billboards by painted a brand's message on them. As payment to the homeowner, AdZookie will pay the homeowner's mortgage each month for as long as the house remains painted with the message.

Yes. This is what it's come to. What we used to joke about a few years ago, is now the norm. Did any of you skiers ever imagine an ad anywhere on the mountain's premises? Shoppers, did you ever imagine interactive ads would be projected on the floor of your local mall? Did anyone ever think a crowd of strangers would suddenly break out in choreographed dance in public places? Or that when you placed your hand on the handrail of an escalator, it would be emblazoned with an ad?

Yes, this is what it's come to. Advertising is everywhere. And it's only going to get worse (better?)

by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-11    
Topic: Outdoor

Digital Video Ad Spend to Increase 22 Percent


A new IAB study conducted by Advertiser Perceptions, An Inside Look at Demand-Side Perceptions of Digital Video Advertising, found 69 percent of marketers and 55 percent of agencies plan to increase their digital video advertising with 22 percent growth predicted in the next 12 months. Those surveyed project they will spend 17 percent of their total online display advertising budget on digital video advertising in the next 12 months.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-11    
Topic: Research

Video Trick Lands Your Finger on Hot Chick


Fashion label Wolf & Harrison is out with some video trickery that asks the viewer to point at specific models in a line up and then count various numbers to and from that position. Of course, it's all mathematical trickery and no matter which person you start pointing at or in which direction you decide to count, you always end up pointing at the hot chick.

The marketing ramifications of this are stunning and we've made a new discovery today. And it will change the way this business creates advertising for years to come. The big discovery? Sex sells. Every single time.

Or something like that.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-11    
Topic: Video

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The Naked Truth of Sex Trafficking Revealed


Calling attention to a certain form of tourism in Ukraine that the country isn't all too pleased is popular within its borders, non-profit group Femen has launched Do You Want Me, a website on which visitors can dig into the seedy side of the country's sex trade.

The site aims to call attention to the notion paying for sex creates a form of slavery. Similar efforts to fight the proliferation of the sex trade have been done by Amnesty International (here, here and here), by Stop the Traffik in London, by The Salvation Army in South Africa and by the Helen Bamber Foundation.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-11    
Topic: Cause, Online, Racy

Bids Hit Half Million For 'Nothing' on eBay


Quite possiblely (or not) a holdover from April Fool's day, a man has place nothing (literally) for sale on eBay and the current bid for scooping up that nothing is $500,600. At this time, there are 51 bids so far for this spectacular collection of nothing.

This is not the first time nothing has been placed for sale on eBay. There are plenty of examples. Of course, most these bids are pulled and it is likely this one will as well.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-11    
Topic: Strange

IAB Gets Stiff With Compliance Guidelines


Said to enhance buyer control over ad placement and context, the Interactive Advertising Bureau announced the launch of the Ad Network & Exchange Quality Assurance Certification Program consisting of compliance guidelines, procedures and a certification program. Companies that undergo training, conduct an internal audit and assign a compliance officer to maintain the IAB's Quality Assurance Guidelines will receive a compliance seal from the IAB. The seal, which can be placed on the company's website and marketing materials, certifies that the company is adhering fully to the only industry established criteria as outlined by the QAG, finalized in June 2010.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-11    
Topic: Online, Policy

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