Charlie Sheen + Church = Winning!


Remember Charlie Sheen? Wait, you don't? Yea, we know things die quickly in this fast moving culture of blithering Hollywood idiots but Sheen's antics are far too crazy for you to have already forgotten.

Northridge Church in Plymouth Michigan is hoping you still remember some of Sheen's antics. The church has erected a billboard with the headline "Northridge + Easter = "Winning!" which, of course, plays off Sheen's perpetual saying that all he does in life is win.

Apparently, Northridge Church thinks church is an important part of everyone's ability to win in life.

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Outdoor

SaraLee Wins With Social Couponing


SocialTwist and Sara Lee put together a month-long campaign to promote Jimmy Dean D-Lights sandwiches. Users were offered a $1 coupon on any one package of Jimmy Dean D-Lights 4 count sandwiches, or, if they chose to share the offer with three or more friends, they could receive a $2.50 coupon. There was also a bonus coupon for $0.50 off on Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls. SocialTwist's Tell-a-Friend platform was used to help Sara Lee get customers to reach out to friends and family through social networking sites and email. The campaign was seeded with ads on and

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by Steve Hall    Apr-19-11    
Topic: Research, Social

California Lottery Closes Rabbit Foot Factory


Pity the poor rabbit. Proverbially suffering death and dismemberment for the increased luck of others, the lowly bunny has, for sure, made its offering to the greater karma of the universe. But now, thanks to the California Lottery's newest scratch ticket, Red Hot 7's, luck, apparently, is no longer needed.

And because luck is no longer needed, there is no longer a need for places like the Rabbit Foot Factory which, courtesy of David & Goliath, has been shut down much to the benefit of our foot-giving, fuzzy friends.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-19-11    
Topic: Commercials

Retail Leads Online Ad Spend. CPG, Automotive See Double Digit Growth


A new eMarketer forecast on ad spending by category predicts retailers lead all other industries in terms of online advertising, with spending expected to reach $5.73 billion this year, up from $5.16 billion in 2010.

While the retail industry will see double-digit growth of 11 percent in 2011, other verticals will increase spending more quickly. Consumer packaged goods spending will increase 29 percent to $2.66 billion this year, automotive spending will rise 14 percent to $3.24, and healthcare and pharma will boost online spending 13 percent to $1.17 billion. The growth of online video ads - especially among brand marketers who have traditionally focused heavily on TV advertising - will be a primary contributor to the growing market share of CPG and automotive companies.

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-11    
Topic: Research

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Google Launches Message For Japan


Japan has had to deal with a lot of difficulty of late and the rest of the world hasn't let that go unnoticed. There's been support and aid but sometimes just a kind word or two can help a person get back on their feet. And that's exactly what Google is facilitating with Messages For Japan, a website that will translate messages from any language into Japanese.

A video, created by Johannes Leonardo, promotes the site which also accepts donations for the relief and rebuilding efforts through six organizations: the Japanese Red Cross Society, JCIE (Japan Center for International Exchange), Save the Children, International Medical Corp, Give2Asia and Globalgiving.

The launch is being touted this week though the site appears to have actually been launched last week. Oh well. We're not complaining. It's all for a good cause.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-19-11    
Topic: Cause

Kate Moss Does Donnie Darko


In new commercial for Chilean fashion brand Basement, Kate Moos gets it on with a very Donnie Darko-like rabbit. But, much like the movie, it's all a kind of dream. Or is it? When Moss wakes up, she's surrounded by baby rabbits. Just what did she and Donnie Darko Bunny do in that dream?

Oh and that giant phallic symbol of a building at the beginning of the commercial? That didn't go unnoticed. Just in time for Easter.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-19-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Strange

Rebecca Black Gets Her Own Billboard


Here's the important question of the day. Does Rebecca Black have parents? Because it certainly seems as though she doesn't. That or they are unprotective, clueless idiots who don't care how much shame gets heaped on their daughter. Ah, but it never serves anyone to comment on another parenting style now does it? And besides, we'll get in trouble for trying.

So we'll stick to the advertising aspect of little miss Rebecca who is now out with a billboard celebrating the fact her Friday video has reached 100 million views on YouTube. She unveiled the thing last Friday in LA. Like a porn star asking Peter North, "Does it stop?", we seriously wonder when Black is going to go back to being a regular 13 year old and watch Suite Life or iCarly, trade Silly Bands or do whatever 13 year olds are supposed to do with their spare time.

We will say the girl has a lot of guts and who knows, she may turn into something. Stranger things have happened. And she's cute. That always helps.

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-11    
Topic: Outdoor

Facebook Gets Social With Ad Agencies


With the launch of community site Facebook Studio, Facebook looks to open dialog with marketers and their agencies about strategies and tactics which lead to better Facebook pages for brands.

Facebook Studio will include a Gallery of recent campaigns including those which were most liked, most shared and what page fans are saying. A Learning Lab will offer advertisers the tools they need to create campaigns on Facebook. A Spotlight section will allow for the searching of page work done by brands and agencies by region, category and other segmentations. An Agency Directory will allow for the rilling down through work by agency. And an Awards section will collect and award the best Facebook campaign/page work.

Will you Like Facebook Studio?

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-11    
Topic: Agencies, Social, Tools

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