Firebreathers, Dancers, Acrobats Highlight First Night of ad:tech Parties


ad:tech San Francisco kicked off nicely Monday night. Oh wait. ad:tech kicked off Monday afternoon. Sorry, on this beat, we keep forgetting the conference is really about the content and not the parties but you'll have to forgive us because party coverage is, well, just more fun sometimes.

Anyway, the first night of ad:tech kicked off with a cocktail party over at Pereira & O'Dell in their Barrel House bar space around the corner from their offices. It was a nice event with about 200 people showing up. Pereira & O'Dell PR exec Molly Parsley spoke with us for a while and told us the agency's offices used to be in the Barrel House space but they outgrew it and had to move around the corner. But they decided to keep the space to host parties of their clients and for the industry. The agency now has about 80 employees.

Next stop was Temple Nightclub where Blumberg Capital and Pillsbury held a three hour event which included all kinds of snacks and delicious passed Hors D'Ovres. At the rate the food went, one could safely conclude the 400 or so attendees considered that their dinner. I know I did. Is it just us or is the ration of men to women in the financial services industry about 90/10? If the male female ratio of the party is any indicator, it certainly seems to hold true.

After a brief hotel room respite and the chiding of a friend NOT to fall asleep before the real party starts, it was off to Supper Club for the Moss Networks Mix & Mingle party which was sponsored by Empire Media, Peer39 and MediaMath. The club, itself was interesting. The outer edge of the club was lined with what could only be described as one gigantic bed. Atop the beds were small tables, a dance floor occupied the center of the club and a second floor balcony sat top the beds.

Entertainment at the party included Moss Network's signature dancers, a fire breathing performer, a singer and an acrobat who hung from a rope tied to the ceiling. We'll let the pictures, of which there are many, do the talking.

Be sure to check the party listings for tonight. There are quite a few so choose wisely.

by Steve Hall    Apr-13-11   Click to Comment   
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