Hyundai Projects, Mad Men on Netflix Instant, Heineken Reviews


- Hyundai is out with a very cool building projection video.

- MadMen (season 1-4) is coming to Netflix Instant. Subsequent seasons will follow after they air on AMC.

- In Belgium, thanks to a new Nutricia babyfood iPhone application, dads are about to get more involved with their wive's pregnancies. Whether they want to or not.

- The Art Directors Club has new inductees to its Hall of Fame. Joining the esteemed club are Ruth Ansel, Marshal Arisman, John C. Jay and Joe Pytka.

- Samsung, with help from Digitas, has announce the launch of The Smart Living Room, an interactive microsite that "makes movie watching a deeper social experience and engages the viewer in the world of Samsung televisions."

- Lawson Clark's (Male Copywriter) hilarious Christmas video was one of 80 (out of 800 submissions) selected by the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival and will be shown at the Festival Saturday.

- Heineken is holding an agency review. Euro RSCG gets the boot and Publicis and Widen will duke it out for the prize.

- Lederhosen. Horse racing. A mobile app. Very, very weird.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 6-11   Click to Comment   

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