In Which Our Four Year Old Prediction Comes True


Four years ago, we made a prediction. Today, that prediction has turned into what appears to be a full fledged business offering from mobile ad network AdZookie. The company plans to turn houses into gigantic billboards by painted a brand's message on them. As payment to the homeowner, AdZookie will pay the homeowner's mortgage each month for as long as the house remains painted with the message.

Yes. This is what it's come to. What we used to joke about a few years ago, is now the norm. Did any of you skiers ever imagine an ad anywhere on the mountain's premises? Shoppers, did you ever imagine interactive ads would be projected on the floor of your local mall? Did anyone ever think a crowd of strangers would suddenly break out in choreographed dance in public places? Or that when you placed your hand on the handrail of an escalator, it would be emblazoned with an ad?

Yes, this is what it's come to. Advertising is everywhere. And it's only going to get worse (better?)

by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor   

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