Orlova Investigates, Renegade Rebrands, Hot Ad Chicks Identified


- Marina Orlova examines Spring Fever on a segment of her Too Hot For Words show for Anastasia date.

- Renegade is rebranding as Renegade Communications and will become...wait for it...a 360 degree communications company.

- Swedish drink Festis offers you a chance to win free product if you can unbore grandpa with your webcam antics. Careful, ladies. Too much cleavage or thong could give the guy a heart attack!

- The lawsuit over the quality of its beef against Taco Bell has been dropped but Taco Bell isn't staying quiet.

- We're late to this but that shouldn't be reason for you to miss out. Ever wonder who that hot chick was in your favorite commercial? Well, now there's a site dedicated to sleuthing that out for you.

- If you're going to the Festival of Media or even if you're not, their shortlist of of entries is open for viewing and you can vote for the People's Choice award.

- Even more bare ass goodness from PETA. Technically NSFA but there's nothing wrong with fine ass in the middle of the day is there?

- On Friday, May 20, the 4A's will host CreateTech, a one day conference focusing on the confluence of technology and creativity.

by Steve Hall    Apr-21-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Industry Events, Online, Policy, Racy   

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