Rebecca Black Gets Her Own Billboard


Here's the important question of the day. Does Rebecca Black have parents? Because it certainly seems as though she doesn't. That or they are unprotective, clueless idiots who don't care how much shame gets heaped on their daughter. Ah, but it never serves anyone to comment on another parenting style now does it? And besides, we'll get in trouble for trying.

So we'll stick to the advertising aspect of little miss Rebecca who is now out with a billboard celebrating the fact her Friday video has reached 100 million views on YouTube. She unveiled the thing last Friday in LA. Like a porn star asking Peter North, "Does it stop?", we seriously wonder when Black is going to go back to being a regular 13 year old and watch Suite Life or iCarly, trade Silly Bands or do whatever 13 year olds are supposed to do with their spare time.

We will say the girl has a lot of guts and who knows, she may turn into something. Stranger things have happened. And she's cute. That always helps.

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor   

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