Six Party Marathon Completed by 1AM


Let's just get this out right up front. We make every effort to help you vicariously party your way through the night at ad:tech by attending all the parties so you don't have to. However, even for this nighttime wanderer, there were far too many parties on Wednesday night at ad:tech for any single human to attend them all. But we did make it to six and we think that's a pretty good effort for one night.

Ready? We kicked the night off with a walk over to Roe Nightclub for the Criteo party. Turns out, Yahoo was having a party there as well but it was starting later. Anyway, Criteo had their party upstairs. We met a few folks from Criteo including the PR folks and the marketing director. All wonderful people. Drinks were free and the snacks were great.

And thanks to ingenious planning or random chance, the next party we attended was right next door at Thirsty Bear. Affiliate Summit held their event there and, along with drinks, a full on buffet dinner was served including a gigantic pie-shaped platter of paella and it was amazing.

Next stop was the W where The Affiliate Marketing Awards were being held. It was a classy event complete with W-style drinks and even an impromptu birthday cake for organizer Murray Newlands who celebrated his birthday the same day as this inaugural event. Nothing like stressing over hosting an event and trying to relax for your birthday all at the same time. We can, however, Murray did a fine job both with the event and with enjoying his birthday.

The Marketers Ball, a party which had been aggressively promoted in the weeks leading up to the conference was held at 1015 Folsom. Too Short kicked off the entertainment on center stage at 10PM and a collection of dancers performed their way around the four rooms of the club. What we'd really like to see in the venue's dry ice machine because, damn, we've never seen (or breathed) so much dry ice in our life! The show truly was great. Everyone enjoyed it and if you were there, you know it was a good time.

Following the Marketers Ball, it was off to Ruby Skye, admittedly a favorite venue of ours, for the tenth anniversary party. The dance floor is always busy at Ruby Skye and last night's party was one of the very few times we actually set foot on the dance floor to actually dance. But the company we were with just had a certain draw we couldn't refuse. And so it was. A rare dance floor appearance. We're sure everyone was horrified by our presence.


The last stop of the night was Eve Lounge for the Clickbooth party. We arrived late so we missed a few of our Clickbooth friends but Clicky was out front as he always is. Rain or shine. 90 degrees or 28 degrees. Greeting guests as they come and go. Much fun was had but, oddly, the Ruby Skye dance floor beckoned so we headed back for more dance floor shenanigans. Yea, I know. Who goes to Ruby Skye twice in one night? But we had our reasons and we're glad we returned.

We had a good time. Did you?

by Steve Hall    Apr-15-11   Click to Comment   
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