Live Streamed Goldfish Tanks Calls Attention to Ocean Garbage


Cohn & Wolfe and non-profit group Project Kaisei partnered to create an Eco-reality show campaign on Facebook starring a goldfish named Kai. The efforts aims to call attention to the impact of plastic pollution in the world's oceans. A live streaming video shows Kai in a habitat full of plastic - a representation of dirty areas of the Pacific ocean..

Every donation made to Project Kaisei removes a piece of plastic from Kai's home and helps fund the organization's third cleanup expedition in the North Pacific Gyre.

by Steve Hall    May-20-11    
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A Look at A Few Cannes 48 Hour Film Festival Entries


Here's a few entries to the Cannes Young Lions Save the Children contest. The rules called for creators to keep it between 30 seconds and 1 minute, do not use any music, and incorporate the provided final art card.

Of his project, Chris Leising said, "I was so busy shooting, there was barely ANY time to edit! That being said, there was no time to do any color correcting or perfecting the audio. Murphy's Law was in full swing, of course. I had 2 computers crash on me...and I couldn't get internet on the computer I was editing on, so my friend was seriously grabbing audio off, throwing it on a flash drive and tossing it to me from across the room...that I'd then have to bring through compressor to change into an .aiff!! It was hectic!"

The first video is from Chris. The second two come from Andre Castilho. The fourth comes from Rodolfo Torres.

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by Steve Hall    May-20-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Ad Community Comes to the Aid of Japan


Following Japan's earthquake and tsunami, The One Club and the Art Directors Club, in along with with AKQA teamed to get the creative community to help Japan rebuild. The program, Creatives Unite for Japan, urges the creative community to band together to raise funds for Japan.

All collected contributions will fund The Ashinaga Foundation, a non-profit Foundation established in 1963 to provide aid to children who have lost their parents due to hardship, economic or natural disasters.

Of the effort, The One Club CEO Mary Warlick said, "The creative community has always had a strong connection to the design community in Japan. This is our way of helping to rebuild the future."

by Steve Hall    May-20-11    
Topic: Cause

Google Chrome Spellchecker Idea Would Raise Money for UNICEF


Well if we actually used Chome - we can't because of a nagging cursor jumping problem - we'd probably end up donating millions to UNICEF. Why? Well if two Miami Ad School students, Lisa Zeitlhuber and Katharina Schmitt, have their way, their Donate a Word program would incorporate a "donate this word to UNICEF" option into Chrome's drop down spell check menu. All to raise money to educate children how to spell. Nice idea.

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by Steve Hall    May-20-11    
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Life Sized Hot Wheels Attempt Record Breaking Stunts at Indy 500


Right up there with Lego, playing with Hot Wheels was the coolest thing as a kid. But, as we grow up, we usually leave the toys behind. Well, thanks to Mistress Los Angeles and Bandito Brothers, the Hot Wheels experience has traveled through time to adulthood.

The brand is erecting a full-sized, real word ramp that a real truck with a real driver will travel down at the Indy 500 May 29 in an attempt to break the record of 301 feet for the longest truck jump. The stunt can be seen on ESPN right after the Indy 500 broadcast. It's like Evil Knievel all over again.

Of the project, Bandito Brothers Executive Producer said, "It's been fun working on the biggest branded content project in America. Between the web films, the global brand television campaign, and the thirty minute television show that's going to air after the Indy 500, it's been one of the most exciting projects I've worked on."

We'll definitely be watching!

by Steve Hall    May-20-11    
Topic: Promotions

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