Brands Attending Internet Week: Tells Us Your Party Plans


Dear Brand Attending Internet Week,

Hello. Perhaps you've heard of us. We're Adrants. We like advertising. We like the advertising business. We love brands that advertise. And we really, really love brands that host parties during advertising conferences. Especialy really, really big conferences like Internet Week.

Why do we like parties so much? Well, aside from the obvious, we love to see who shows up and what they have to say. We love to take pictures. And most of all, we love writing about parties and publishing pictures from the parties. So...why are we telling you this? Because we want to know if you're having a party. Why?

Well, connect the dots. Hosted party + lots of pictures + article written in publication read by everyone in advertising = TONS of publicity for a brand. So do yourselves a favor. Tell us about your party plans during Internet Week. And we promise to show up and complete the above equation for you.

by Steve Hall    May-28-11    
Topic: Industry Events

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