Castrol 'Terminates' Mechanical Challenges


It's like Jame's Cameron's Terminator and his "being" from The Deep were let loose in this new commercial from Ogilvy for Castrol. While at first it's unclear what all the fancy machinery and titanium blobs are doing in this commercial but, thanks the the press release, we're made aware it's all about how agile and slippery Castol's oil is and how easily it can slip through and lubricate the necessary parts of machinery.

Behind the animation work was Psyop. Explaining the approach, Psyop Creative Director Eben Mears said, "We took the direction of total reality, in terms of shooting film and made everything appear real and possible, and blended in a hint of sci-fi to break the literal constraints of imagination. It felt a bit like a video game, where challenges arise and obstacles pop up, but it was vital that everything appear on first glance as if in a real, possible environment."

by Steve Hall    May- 4-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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