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Santa Takes A Vacation From Coke With Pepsi


TBWA\Chiat\Day is out with a new campaign for Pepsi which calls attention to Santa's supposed deal with Coke - you know, the one where Coke (re)invented him. So Santa's on vacation in the tropics. He's dancing with Mrs. Claus when he says, I'm going to go get a soda."

The bartender presents him with two Coks but Sants says, "Make it a Pepsi." Bewildetred, the bartender says, ""But Mr Claus, I thought you had a deal with, you know" to which Santa replies, "I'm on vacation. Gonna have a little fun."

Well done, TBWA\Chiat\Day.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-30-11    
Topic: Commercials

MasterCard's Priceless Theme Used in WikiLeaks Bank Blockage Ad


Believe what you will about WikiLeaks but this new ad for the site, which riffs on MasterCard's Priceless theme, is quite good. The ad calls attention to the six month old banking blockage against WikiLeaks. One of the banks blocking WikiLeaks is MasterCard.

Give it a watch. We like.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-30-11    
Topic: Cause

Children's Group Claims Justin Bieber Movie Ad Misleads


An ad for Justin Bieber's upcoming Paramount film, Never Say Never, is misleading to kids according to the Children's Advertising Review Unit. In the ad, which shows a theater full of screaming fans, Bieber shows up and says, "This could happen in your theater. CARU claims kids could be misled into thinking Bieber might randomly show up in a hometown theater.

Paramount disagrees with CARU's assumptions but has, nonetheless, pulled the the ad stating it will not run again. Just another blemish on the use of fantasy in advertising.

by Steve Hall    Jun-30-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Policy

Lingerie Sold Like Used Cars


There's a lot of ways to sell lingerie. Wait. No there isn't. Basically you dress a hot woman - the bigger the breasts, the better - in the most revealing lingerie the particular brand carries, have her prance around in a bedroom and stare into the camera as if she's about to explode with desire for you. Batting the eyelashes is a plus too.

Lingerie is all about sex, right? After all, what woman in their right mind would wear tiny little underthings that offer no support, create dangerous risk of nipple slippage and don't do well in the washing machine unless all she wanted to make every guy nearby squirm with embarrassment as they try to conceal the growing urgency in their pants?

So when we viewed this commercial for Baltimore-based Accentuate Lingerie which hypes lingerie as if it were the latest 1994 Dodge, we were sadly, ahem, deflated and had to go running to the latest Victoria's Secret to set thing straight.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-30-11    
Topic: Commercials, Racy, Strange

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Greenpeace Guerrilla Campaign Attacks Volkswagen's Environmental Record


This morning Greenpeace launched a guerrilla campaign attacking Volkswagen's environmental record. The campaign consisted of banners which were placed on London billboards paid for by other advertisers including Budweiser and Schweppes.

Of the campaign and the Force ad it imitates, Grenpeace's Emma Gibson said, "Volkswagen has spent millions on its new advert, using children and Star Wars iconography to persuade the public that it's a responsible company. It was a stunningly successful advert, so VW can hardly complain if we now turn its own tactics back on the company to shine a light on its poor environmental record."

The billboards feature an image of Darth Vader with the VW logo as the mouth. Copy reads, "Volkswagen. The Dark Side." Activists also dressed as Stormtroopers walked the streets in protest.

The campaign includes an online video which further pokes fun at the brand's Star Wars imagery and its alleged poor environmental performance.

by Steve Hall    Jun-28-11    
Topic: Cause, Guerilla, Outdoor

New Balls Please


Hey, women's breasts are continuously used as the central object in breast-related cause group advertising including breast cancer awareness so why cant's the testicular cancer folks whip out their balls for their cause?

Well, they have. In tandem with the Wimbledon Championships, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R has created a tongue in cheek press ad for Cancer Research UK

Launching today, the ad takes a light hearted approach in spirit of the Brits favorite summertime event which aims to prevent men ever needing to ask for 'new balls please' by encouraging them to be aware of symptoms of testicular cancer.

by Steve Hall    Jun-28-11    
Topic: Cause

Event to Award Publishing Excellence


Just back from Cannes. We'll be catching up on things this week and then publishing lightly next week during the July 4th week. But, in this business, life goes on and new conferences and awards show pop up all the time so it was without surprise we found this item in our inbox today. Not to mention the fact we know it was coming up as Adrants is a media sponsor and we'll be sitting on the judging panel as well.

On October 26, the World Media Awards and Event (yea, it's an ambitious title) will take place. It will celebrate the best in blogging and media creation as well as offer an opportunity to exchange publishing's best practices. Attendees will learn how to use the latest technologies and techniques to improve their publishing practices through a series of practical workshops hosted industry leading publishers.

by Steve Hall    Jun-28-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Peugeot Brings Out the Kid in All of Us


Euro RSCG London is out with new work for Peugeot UK that highlights the brand's passion for road rally racing. The ad appeals to the inner kid in all of us by looking back to our childhoods when, in out own minds, our cars could do anything we wanted them to do.

A simple voiceover intones, Remember that feeling when your car could do anything. At Peugeot, we never lost it."

We like the connection to childhood the work makes. For some of us, there truly is a strong link between that way we felt about our toy cars and the way we feel about our real cars. This work captures that.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-28-11    
Topic: Commercials

Fashion Brand Uses X-Rated Video to Hype Menswear Line


Writing in Forbes, Susannah Breslin takes a look at a fashion brand which incorporated porn into its advertising. Mugler's Brothers of Arcadia line of clothing debuted with a graphic 14 page brochure and an x-rated video hosted on porn site XTube. The book was created by Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti who is also Lady Gaga's fashion director. The film was created by Branislav Jankic

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by Steve Hall    Jun-28-11    
Topic: Brands, Racy, Video

Absolut Hangs With Cee Lo Green


Absolut is out with new work. A two part online film takes a behind the scenes look at musician Cee Lo Green. The work does a nice job presenting Cee Lo without coming across as attempting to be overly hip or advercool. Part one is out now (below). Part two will be released Wednesday on the brand's Facebook page.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-28-11    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Video

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