Cannes Experience Much More Than A Lion


On Saturday night in Cannes, the final Lions were handed out. You can read all about that here. It as a long ceremony. Longer than it should have been according to those with whom we spoke. There's the feeling Cannes Lions is doing a wee bit of gouging to up revenues by adding additional category after category. We'll let others debate that because this is a happy place and we like to talk about happy things.

Speaking of happy, the Lions Closing Gala was held Saturday night following the Awards ceremony. As with the Opening Gala, the event was help at Carlton Beach. It was the usual lavish affair with more food than anyone in attendance could possibly have eaten. And there was the wonderment of being together for the last time with close friends and those met just this week.


At the Gala, there were the annual fireworks which were spectacular enough to be categorized as Jul4th-quality by some. Fireworks then gave way to dancing and dancing gave way to, well, use your imagination.

The infamous Tractor party was held last night as well and by the looks of the door (yes, it was just about the only party all week we didn't get into) it was the sort of party where the personal bubble is immediately popped and one's personal space becomes everyone's space. In other words, a sweat fest.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-11    
Topic: Industry Events

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