Ashton Kutcher Urges Marketers to Disrupt


Billed as a funny man as he took the stage at Digitas' The NewFront, Ashton Kutcher tried to lower the bar by telling audience not to expect great jokes. Of course he proceeded to tell jokes and get laughs.

He then launched into a "digital rant" as his wife, Demi Moore - sitting with Soliel Moon Frye and The Conversation's Amanda de Cadenet - looked on. Kutcher, along with telling the audience how much he hates advertising, told the story of a man who invented the headlight as an example of creating a product that fulfilled a need. Of course he went in to "invent" many other things including the Indy 500. Point of the story is that if you identify a need, people just might show up. But you have to be disruptive to get people's attention.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-10-11   Click to Comment   
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