Bud Light Wants You to Have Sex With UFC Girl


What's your ultimate fantasy? Well, when it comes to fantasy, the possibilities are limitless. Except, of course, when the fantasy has to do with Bud Light Lime and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Because when we're talking about Bud Light Lime, lime has got to be front and center and when we're talking about the UFC, well, it's a no brainer the focus is on the ring girls.

So, put the two together and what do you have? Super hot UFC girl Arianny Celeste rolling around topless in a pile of limes while professing her love for "a good submission." And by good submission, you know exactly what she wants from you. Given her hotness, we imagine it won't be hard (or will it?) for most guys to deliver.

We love this commercial. Why? Because it's been far too long since a beer brand has so bluntly and directly double entendre'd its way into the minds of horny, sex-crazed guys in such a tantalizing manner. After watching this commercial, who wouldn't want to jump into those limes and give Arianny "a good submission?"

Oh wait. Was this commercial supposed to make people want to buy Bud Light Lime? How easily we are distracted.

by Steve Hall    Jun-16-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy   

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