Ogilvy, Shots Deliver Contrasting Party Experiences at Cannes


The Thursday night party scene at Cannes Lions was, to say the least, an interesting dichotomy. On the one hand, you had the Ogilvy party held at the Grand Hotel. It was a chic affair complete with red carpet, velvet entryway, swanky cocktails, delectable delicacies including shrimp, sashimi and two guys doing acrobatics on 50 foot tall poles.

Oh yes, it was a fancy affair for Ogilvy employees from around the world who made their way to Cannes this year. Unlike many of the parties at Cannes, it felt a bit like a fancy office party. Now, that's not saying it was a bad party. After all, you could actually hear yourself talk and the food was a plus.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-24-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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