Star-Studded Red Carpet Kicks Off Webby Awards


Over the past 15 years, The Webby Awards has progressed to the point where it's now a star-studded event with all the glitz and glamor one would expect from such a ceremony. Though we're not quite sure it's truly earned its nickname, The Academy Awards of the Internet.

Oh yes, the stars were out in full force. Brooke Shields. Lisa Kudrow. Norah Jones. Kevin Jonas. Antoine Dodson. Adrian Grenier. Daniel Radcliffe. Anna Wintour. Marlon Wayans. Zach Galafianakis. But there's still a sense of wannabe attached to the event. OK, so that's just one opinion but, really? The Academy Awards of the Internet?

Oh and another thing. While it certainly kept the amount of people attending to a manageable number by just focusing on winners, what's the fun in going to an awards event if you already know who's won? Yea, we've known who the Webby winners are since last May. Where's the suspense in that? It's almost as if the entire purpose of the event was to let a bunch of people show up simply to say, "we're important and we're going to let you know it."

Anyway, the Red Carpet was filled with action as the stars arrived. The press pit was overflowing with photographers, videographers, iPhone-wielding web press and self-important event staff. From a celebrity standpoint, pretty much everyone who was supposed to show up did with the exception of Daniel Radcliffe who, it seems, shunned the red carpet.

By 8:30PM, everyone was inside and ready for the show to begin. At 8:31PM, we left. After all, we already know who won.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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