Eska Water Ad Pulled Over Racism Complaints


Racism in advertising seems to be a hot topic this week. No sooner does DirecTV find itself in hot water over a recent commercial, complaints are piling in over an Eska water ad which features faux aboriginal warriors. The ad, created by Toronto-based KBS+P, features three non-aboriginal men dressed in aboriginal barb who suddenly appear in a modern kitchen to defend the purity of Eska water.

Eska CEO Jim Delsnyder apologized for the ad saying, "Eska Water wishes to apologize to all those who may have found the campaign and its images disrespectful. Certainly, that was never our intention." The ad has been pulled and will not air again.

Citizen journalist and Mohawk Clifton Nicholas said, in a YouTube video, "Eska tried to explain to me that they didn't depict a specific group of people but that's not the point. The point is you're depicting natives in a negative fashion, natives in general."

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by Steve Hall    Jul-11-11    
Topic: Policy

Should A Brand Pull An Ad Because Commentary Turns Ugly?


As you may have heard, DirecTV has pulled its latest ad featuring a fictional character Tommy, "The Truth" Thompson, from YouTube because the comments became a bit harsh. Central to the debate was the notion the spot contained racial overtones and glorified violence. You can view the spot below and decide for yourself.

We're not going to debate the finer points of racism, the hypersensitivities of today's culture nor the annoying inability of, it seems, anyone, to understand humor. Rather, we're going to ponder the mindset of a brand that pulls content just because things get ugly.

DirecTV said the spot was pulled from YouTube because "the content of the associated posts was devolving into an R-rated dialogue." The spot will continue to air as planned on national television.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-11-11    
Topic: Opinion

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