Ford Focus Puppet Ad Spoofed...By Another Puppet


If you aren't familiar with Loren Feldman, you should be. You may not always agree with what he says but you will appreciate his candor and no bullshit approach to all things internet. Over the years, he's gathered together a collection of puppets that he uses to make videos that offer up pointed commentary.

Today Feldman used one of his puppets, Shel Israel (a real person at whom Feldman often pokes fun), to create what he says is a much better version of the Ford Focus commercial that features a puppet.

Feldman's puppet trashes Ford's puppet, Doug, who we kinda liked for trying to pick up the hot female reporter in one of the commercials. But that's besides the point. The spoof is long, you might not appreciate all the humor but it's equally goofy as the original.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-26-11    
Topic: Spoofs

Ice Cream Truck Touts Sungevity Solar Power


To hype its expansion into the Northeast, California-based residential solar company Sungevity has launched Rolling Rooftop, an ice cream truck powered by solar panels and bio diesel. The truck, which will begin its journey this week in New York City, features iPads that will introduce consumers to the company's iQuote process. After touring through NYC, the truck will make its way through New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts and Maryland.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-11    
Topic: Outdoor

Red Lobster: We Sea Food Differently


A new Grey New York-created campaign for Red Lobster features employees of Red Lobster, a first for the brand. Each commercial highlights an employee and what the love about the company. The employee stories are said to be unscripted and come with the new tagline, Se Food Differently."

The campaign also communicates several changes the chain has recently made including the addition of wood-fired grills and certified grill masters.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-26-11    
Topic: Campaigns

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