Gmail Has Its Nose in Your Colon


Once again, a video meant for internal use only has been leaked to the web. This time, it's from Microsoft which is hyping Office 365 and it's called Gmail Man. With a catchy tune and the questionably suitable lyrics "Probing every sentence and all your punctuation. Got his nose in every colon and every situation," the video attempts to portray Gmail as abusing one's privacy.

The video was played in front of an audience of 15,000 at Microsoft's annual Global Exchange sales conference held July 20.

While the video is somewhat humorous even if it stoops to silly fifth grade boys bathroom humor, it shoots itself in the foot. The video argues Microsoft 365 is a business application that, unlike Gmail, carries no ads. Perhaps the creators of the video should have realized Google has a business solution as well and one of the features of that solution is the ability to disable ads.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-29-11    
Topic: Spoofs

Lara Stone Has Dance Floor Sex For CK One Shock


With an intensely clubby feel and what appears to be a bit of exhibitionist sex, CK One is introducing a new fragrance, Shock. The video features gap-toothed hottie Lara Stone and a collection of shirtless guys with ripped abs on a dance floor clawing at each other like animals in heat. Stone engulfs a man's head with her bulging breasts as the music pulses and the epileptic quick cuts intensify the mood.

It's all a bit like an earlier Calvin Klein Jeans X commercial in which Stone appeared to be having sex with several guys on a hardtop playground.

You may recall back in March Stone appeared on a CK One billboard which some thought dropped the F-bomb with the strategic placement of a table leg. More recently, Stone appeared in a more typical ad for Calvin Klein's Naked Glamor lingerie.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-29-11    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Commercials, Racy

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