Heineken Wishes Handlebar Mustache Was Cool


We're sorry but there is absolutely nothing that can be done to make a handlebar mustache - or most any mustache, for that matter - cool. Aside from Tom Selleck, no one on the planet should sport one. But that hasn't stopped Heineken from attempting to make the 'stache cool.

In a new commercial from Wieden + Kennedy, the handlebar mustache is properly noted as not being right for every occasion unless we're talking about an old timey, bare knuckle boxing match. In that case, the bearer of the handlebar mustache becomes the hero and is swooned over by hot women.

Oh wait. We get it. It's like role reversal. We've seen hundreds of beer commercials in which men's tongues fall to the floor at the sight of the vaunted beer babe. It's about time men get some drool-worthy attention too. Even if they must don a cheesy handlbar mustache to get it.

by Steve Hall    Jul-18-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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