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Kids Predict Future of Air Travel


As part of their continued effort working on the Webby-nominated The GE Show, The Barbarian Group is out with another episode called Future Flight. It's an animated video that asks children - and two GE aviation experts - what the future of flight will look like. Everything from what the planes look like, where they will fly and how they will be powered is covered. We especially like the idea of algae-field jet engines.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-21-11    
Topic: Video

When Lingerie Ads Sell Russian Mail Order Brides


Hot chicks? Check. Slow motion videography? Check. Close up shots of the "do me" look? Check. Catwalk prance? Check. Windblown hair? Check? Overuse of strobe lights and flash? Check. Pulsating soundtrack? Check. Booty shots? Check. Cleavage shots? Check.

If you've completed this list then you have created yourself a Russian lingerie commercial. If you steal this commercial and upload it to your own YouTube account and drop a link to Russian Beautiful Girls then you're a lazy Russian dating service marketer.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-21-11    
Topic: Racy, Video

Kim K Sues Old Navy, Gwyneth Poses, Fabio Does Old Spice


- Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy because she thinks the brand's use of Melissa Molinaro, who looks a bit like Kardashian, in a commercial has caused her losses of between $15 and $20 million.

- Gwyneth Paltrow is fronting a new 70th anniversary campaign for Coach. Shot by Peter Lindburgh, Paltrow qill appear in several print ads.

- Looks like Isaiah Mustafa may have been aside for the time being. Fabio has stepped in as spokesman for Old Spice.

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Policy

Six More Decidely Sexist Got Milk Ads


For those of you who think the latest Got Milk PMS ads are a bit too sexist, wait until you see these six Got Milk ads. No, they aren't real. They are spoofs courtesy of Funny or Die. Headlines include, "Get Her Used to It. Milk Can Help Objectify Women" and "Because Her Boobs Are For You, Not Your Baby."

See all six ads here.

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-11    
Topic: Spoofs

Sue Sylvester Urges People Not to Watch Glee 3D Concert Movie


With a witty bit of stunt marketing, the upcoming Glee 3D Concert movie is being promoted by a "Stop Believing" campaign which consists of a letter and video from the show's Jane Lynch character, Sue Sylvester.

From the desk of Sue Sylvester
William McKinley High School
July 15, 2011

For two years, we've been mercilessly bombarded with the pubescent nonsense of carnival sideshow freaks calling themselves "The Glee Club." These tone deaf howler monkeys conned the plebian masses into downloading millions of songs; won Emmy Awards and Golden Globes; and have charted more singles than the Beatles. Roll over Beethoven, something stinks, and it ain't the cheese, it's The Glee Club.

And now, they're trying to shove a 3-D concert movie down our throats.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-11    
Topic: Video

Slim Jim Aims to Cure Male Spice Loss


The new Slim Jim campaign from Venables Bell & Partners reminds us of that Snickers commercial with Mr. T in which he made fun of a speed walker. That commercial got several people up in arms who somehow equated the spot to bashing gays. We didn't see it that way.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-11    
Topic: Campaigns

Nike 'Viral' Falls Flat With Falling Skateboarder


Here's a new "viral" for Nike. In the video, we see a guy on a skateboard traveling down a road at increasing speeds. there's the ubiquitous close up shot of the shoes before the camera pans out to capture the ubiquitous wipe out which is supposed to make the viral funny. You can laugh if you want to. We didn't. This stuff is way too predictable. Of course he was going to fall as soon as he got on the board. Some originality, please, people!

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-11    
Topic: Video, Viral

Young Women Make Old Security Guard Very Happy


Hugh Hefner and every other "older man" will love this one from fashion label YMI. And it begs the question; do young women really like older guys or is it all just a game? A daddy complex? A gold digger scenario? We bet if you ask most older guys, they really don't care what the reason is as long as young, hot women hang with them.

And that's (sort of) what's going on in this YMI video in which two young hotties break into a YMI store, prance and dance around the store in lingerie, dresses and anything else they can find on the racks and have a little fun with the security guard. And, of course, Mr. Security Guard doesn't mind one bit. No, not at all. And who in his place would? He's bored. He's got nothing to do on during the night shift. Why wouldn't he welcome a couple of babes modeling YMI fashions for him and taking pictures of themselves with him?

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-11    
Topic: Racy

Interactive Ecommerce Advertising is the New Normal


This contributed article is authored by Kirk Davis, EVP and Co-Founder of Liquidus, a solution which connects with a marketers database and places relevant information in online banners in real time.

For consumers who use smartphones or tablets to manage more and more of their daily lives, they expect a certain level of interaction. Images and content are expected to be dynamic and can be expanded or manipulated at will. This desire contrasts sharply to the model of online advertising that remains a flat and static image combined with text. Interactive online ads are a dynamic alternative that are improving in quality at a rapid pace, moving towards custom-produced commercials that give consumers access to the right product in less time.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-19-11    
Topic: Online

Printer Promises to Handle Your Work With Care, Not Like Luggage


No one likes their stuff mistreated. Not their produce. Not their luggage. Not their construction materials. And certainly not their print work. Which is the message of this print campaign for Brazilian printing company MAIS. Created by Sao Paulo agency Mohallem/Artplan, the campaign envisions print work being tossed around as if it were carelessly handled produce, luggage and construction materials.

The produce and construction material version are here and here.

by Steve Hall    Jul-19-11    
Topic: Campaigns

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