Slim Jim Aims to Cure Male Spice Loss


The new Slim Jim campaign from Venables Bell & Partners reminds us of that Snickers commercial with Mr. T in which he made fun of a speed walker. That commercial got several people up in arms who somehow equated the spot to bashing gays. We didn't see it that way.

While we're all for humor and poking fun, we, sadly, have to wonder what the reaction to this campaign will be. It takes on men who ride scooters, wear argyle sweaters, do tantric yoga, ride recumbent bikes, iron their jeans, drive minivans and eat salad for lunch.

While we're all for the manning up of men, we question just how smart it is to eat a Slim Jim. After all, what the hell are they made of? It's like eating spiced cardboard. Is this really what real men eat? Or just losers who frequent convenience stores and hold up the line by obsessive buying and re-buying lottery tickets while all everyone behind him wants is to pay for their gas?

Yea, guys have definitely lost their spice over the years but is this Male Spice Loss campaign really the answer? A diet of Slim Jim isn't going to get all guys to man up. It's just going to make them fat and send them to the hospital with digestive issues.

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns   

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