Fashion Frightens, Demi Does Ann, Nokia Does Stop Motion


- Only in fashion advertising can 13 year old girls seductively slide their fingers up their legs and have it be sexy.

- Demi Moore is the new face of Ann Taylor.

- Nokia and Aardman Animations have set another Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Stop-motion Animation Set with the short film, Gulp, shot on the Nokia N8, after having set a record for the Smallest Stop-motion Animated Character last summer with Dot.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-11    

She Won't Remember Your Name But She'll Remember the View


Commenting on a new campaign promoting apartments in New York from MNS, MNS Executive VP of Marketing Ryan McCann told the New York Post, "You can make a correlation between the quality of your apartment and the quality of women you get."

Well, if that were actually true, all one would have to do is rent an apartment from MNS. Oh wait.

As part of the campaign, on the MNS website, visitors are asked to share their wildest hook up stories. The campaign's tagline reads, "I don't remember his name, but his apartment..." OK, guys. You know what to do next.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-11    
Topic: Campaigns

Festival of Media to Host 2nd Annual LatAm Awards


The Festival of Media, an event that focuses on media creativity and innovation, will host the LatAm Awards which will highlight creativity and innovative thinking across Latin America. The LatAm Awards, to be held in Miami October 12-14, launched in 2010 and had upwards of 100 entries from Latin American regions

This year, the organization has expanded to encompass 15 entering categories and a further four jury/voting categories. There will also be an Awards Gala Dinner. The deadline for entries, August 5, is fast approaching. Find out more information here.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Browser Address Bar Becomes Ad Space


For their client Cellcom, McCann Erikson Israel invented a new advertising space to promote the brand's teen-focused First Love website. Cute little love messages - followed by a promotional message for the site - were displayed in the address bar next to the site's URL. See it in action here.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-11    
Topic: Online

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Lindsay Lohan Gets Free Jewelry From Air New Zealand


For some reason this Air New Zealand Skycouch with Rico installment with Lindsay Lohan isn't as grating as the previous one with David Hasselhoff. Maybe it's Rico's pondering of Lindsay's friendship with "the bosoms of Miss Kim Kardashian" or Lohan's member ship in the "photography club" with the "papsmearazzi."or the jab at the end poking fun at her love for jewelry.

Or maybe is just that Lindsay is a whole lot better (and hotter) looking than David.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Video

Cravendale Discovers Who First Milked Cows


A new epic/mystical commercial from Wieden + Kennedy London asks the question, "Wonder who first thought to milk a cow? What exactly happened?" That question is played out across the 60 seconds of the commercial which examines thousands of years of human history until an "unhinged genius" experiences the vision of...a cow angle floating in the air uttering, "Milk Me!"

Absolutely hilarious! Widen + Kennedy London has delivered...ahem...unhinged the form of a 60 second commercial for Cravendale milk.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-11    
Topic: Commercials, Good

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